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Hocus Pocus

When's the last time you really wanted the "right" words to say to someone, but no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't find them? Or, when's the last time you wanted someone to listen to you but because of other distractions or things ...

Peace Comes with Focus: The Homeless Man vs. a Gun

Typically in both worships (online & on-site), the message is the same. Yesterday was different. It was a "No Huddles Day" - when the message is shorter, and for the in-person site, the auditorium doesn't have all the "frills," and we ...

Promises and Loyalty

How big of a deal are promises to you? When people promise you something, do you really COUNT on it? Or do you suspect that there are some chances that they won’t live into or up to their promises and they simply won’t come true? I don’t know ...

Can All of Us Do a Triathlon?

It seems we are struggling to find that norm in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. It's so easy to want things to be "like they used to be" instead of looking at situations and trying to figure out how we can find the ...

The key to a “best life” is being in tune with and aligned with Love.

In an interview with Jennifer Aniston discussing “Least likely googleable questions about Jennifer Aniston,” Jimmy Fallon asked her, “What body part do you wish was detachable?” After a few moments and looks of confusion, she answered, “My ...

“Just Shut Up and Swim!”

In a few short weeks, Tom and I will be traveling to Augusta so he can participate in the Augusta Ironman 70.3. On Jan. 1, 2021, we shared "goals" for the year (not resolutions, because who keeps those?) and he shared a bucket list thing would ...

Are there areas in your life that you could consider being more open to changing your perspective?

Recently I tried to sell a piece of furniture on Facebook Marketplace. Several friends had success with that avenue, so I thought I’d give it a try. The piece was, in my opinion, a neat piece of furniture. A cool marble top, opened so that ...

Can We Learn Something From the Fortune 500?

Take a look at the list of the companies in the following 3 groups: Group A: American Motors, Brown Shoe, Studebaker, Collins Radio, Detroit Steel, Zenith Electronics, and National Sugar Refining. Group B: Boeing, Campbell Soup, General ...

Do You Own a Filmstrip Projector or 8 Track Tape Player?

For most of the 2020 and early 2021 years, our students had to learn remotely. And it wasn't optional . . . they had no choice but to experience and receive their education in a virtual form. I'd love us to ponder the question, "What would ...

Distortion of Mirrors

  Lunchtime Lift – A Weekday Spiritual Guide Have you ever looked in a mirror and thought, "That just can't be right?" Like - you look elongated or maybe a little more compact vertically, which also leads ...

How’s Your Dart Game?

Lunchtime Lift– A Weekday Spiritual Guide Faith. Religion. "It's actually pretty simple, isn't it?" Yes! As a matter of fact, it is! That was a question/statement heard yesterday after worship several times. We explored the West core ...

Maybe We Can All Go Get Some Piercings!

Lunchtime Lift – A Weekday Spiritual Guide Did you know that you could get a constellation piercing? Yes, that’s a real thing! Either on your ear or another body part, you can have a piercing that looks like your favorite ...



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