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Seeing IS really Believing!

Robertson Davis said, "The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend." Has anyone ever said to you, "You see what you want to see!" In my previous appointment one of my jobs was to do some introductory pastoral counseling with ...

The Violinist in the Parking Lot

It was an unlikely place for beautiful violin music. There was no concert hall, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, not even a school auditorium. It was a parking lot . . . the Food Lion parking lot in Troutman. You could see people pausing ...

Great lessons come from great pain.

None of us WANT to hurt. And as I’ve said before, I do think it is possible for someone’s heart to literally hurt as it is emotionally breaking. Richard Rohr writes about how the Franciscans were great catalysts in the world understanding the ...

Some words of hope for the strangest Easter ever!

Today is Holy Thursday. The evening Jesus ate the Passover Meal with his best friends. The night he went to the garden and agonized over what was yet to come. And a night spent in deep prayer. Over the past four weeks, we as a church have ...

“This is one of the most anxious times . . .”

In the past 48 hours I've heard so many share how they've been laid off, literally 6 people within a few short hours shared how for the first time ever they are filing for unemployment. While these are not normal "Holy Week" devotions, talking ...

What are you willing to push for?

It was so crowded, the day we went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem last year. Truly, you had to hold on to the shirt of the person in front of you at times to not be separated and get lost in the masses. We were guided to the ...

Gestures mean a lot!

What's a beautiful gesture you've seen recently? Something someone did for you that they wouldn't do normally for themselves. But because they care deeply for you they took time and energy to do something beautiful for you? Those gestures ...

Sticking It!

In a 24 hour time span I had a visit from the Troutman police (a great way to start a reputation in a new home/town), a busted water line, deep paw prints in freshly poured cement, and a few other crisis events that are just not worth ...

Demolition is harder than it looks

My new home is in downtown Troutman . . . a quaint brick house with an amazing backyard. At the bottom end of my lot there was this barn-type building. It had SO MUCH character and I was really excited for the potential it held. Until I ...
Why should we bother with hope?

Why should we bother with hope?

Hope doesn't disappoint. I had the privilege of being in conversation earlier today with someone whose "given up on church" but not spirituality. He was impressed with the fact that despite the circumstances we are all facing, "engagement" as a ...

Meditation helps us be present and aware.

Have you ever been so busy or have so many different things going through your mind that you are just going through some motions? You were actually pretty UNAWARE of what you were doing? One day earlier this week I decided I was going to brave ...

This is why what we do matters Over the past several weeks West has had the opportunity to partner with Mooresville Graded Schools as we have continued to serve with Pig Out Food Truck Mission. Dr. Scott Smith, the Assistant Superintendent of ...



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