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Demolition is harder than it looks

My new home is in downtown Troutman . . . a quaint brick house with an amazing backyard. At the bottom end of my lot there was this barn-type building. It had SO MUCH character and I was really excited for the potential it held. Until I ...
Why should we bother with hope?

Why should we bother with hope?

Hope doesn't disappoint. I had the privilege of being in conversation earlier today with someone whose "given up on church" but not spirituality. He was impressed with the fact that despite the circumstances we are all facing, "engagement" as a ...

Meditation helps us be present and aware.

Have you ever been so busy or have so many different things going through your mind that you are just going through some motions? You were actually pretty UNAWARE of what you were doing? One day earlier this week I decided I was going to brave ...

This is why what we do matters Over the past several weeks West has had the opportunity to partner with Mooresville Graded Schools as we have continued to serve with Pig Out Food Truck Mission. Dr. Scott Smith, the Assistant Superintendent of ...

How are you holding up and/or in?

A week ago was literally the day before I closed on my home in Denver and moved to my new home in Troutman. It was early Thursday, I had tons of "tasks" that needed to be completed, professionally and personally. While running errands that were ...

What Overcomes Fear?

Please read the words below from Friar Richard Rohr, a brilliant modern day theologian! His words offer perfect hope in a time such as this! I'd love to have an ONLINE small group discussion tonight around this devotion so we can connect in ...

What it means to be processing.

Anytime we face situations we have to understand in new ways, whether it is a friendship, a romantic relationship, a job responsibility, or just a new situation altogether, it requires processing on our parts. We have to "wrap our heads around ...

A Season of Waiting

We find ourselves in a season of waiting. Waiting to see how much worse it is going to get. Perhaps holding our breaths a little each time we check the news to see how m any more reported cases there are of COVID19. Waiting to hear who among ...

Making a “Wrong” a “Right”

What are we driven by? Today . . . as we start our day . . . are we driven by thoughts of how can we be a positive force in the world? A force of good? A force of change? A force of love? Or are we driven by making sure we and only we are ...

Love is Messy

Last summer as the youth were on the mission trip to Wilmington, NC we found ourselves in the middle of a mess. It was an unfortunate situation for a gentleman who wrestled with hoarding, literally. His home had been badly damaged by one of ...

What do you do with what you see?

Think of a time in your life when you’ve been in close proximity to someone you love, something has happened, and you’ve been able to see the hurt in his/her eyes. None of us like to see others hurt. It evokes feelings in us that often cause ...

Are You Surviving or Living?

We expect those that we love to be a safe place for us in our storms. We need them to be an anchor for us when it seems that all around us is crumbling. The disciples would have been familiar with storms on the Sea of Galilee. So the storm ...



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