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Are You Messy and Reckless?

Are You Messy and Reckless?

We often scoff at extravagance, right? "That's too much!" "You shouldn't have!" "That is really unnecessary!" Is there a way that extravagance is a good thing? I'd like to suggest, "Yes!" There is a time and a way! Jesus was an extremely ...
Musing Meditation- Joy Can Be Revealed in Surprises!

Musing Meditation- Joy Can Be Revealed in Surprises!

Odds are if you are reading this email, you have a different understanding of Santa than you did when you were 5 years old. BUT - spoiler alert - if you do not, and you see Santa in the same perspective, stop reading now. 🙂 There is something ...
Musing Meditation- “It Doesn’t Have to Be Understandable”

Musing Meditation- “It Doesn’t Have to Be Understandable”

The peace that transcends our understanding . . . . Is there really such a thing? There's no doubt that when we are in the middle of whatever challenges we are facing, we probably don't feel "the peace." In fact, it is probably anything but ...
Musing Meditation “Circumstantial is Different than Substantial”

Musing Meditation “Circumstantial is Different than Substantial”

It's easy to "have peace" when everything is going well. Life just clips along, the days merge into one another, and we feel as if all is right in the world. But then things happen. Life happens. And that sense of peace and well-being is ...

Musing Meditation- Waiting and hope!

A friend of mine recently acquired a really unique bird feeder from her dad. Because it had sentimentality, she rushed to hang it. Since it was August, I questioned the timing of “needing” a bird feeder but I didn’t want to deter her excitement ...

Musing Meditation- Cleaning Out

Recently, in prep for working on devotions for the upcoming message series, Unmasking Christmas, I grabbed a notebook. The front page had specs of the garage that was being built on the back of my lot, so I assumed that it was a notebook I had ...
Love Looks Like Getting Up in the Middle of the Night

Love Looks Like Getting Up in the Middle of the Night

It was around 4 am a few nights ago and I heard my phone vibrate. Being unable to sleep, I figured I'd read the message. Turns out a friend of mine with small children was awake because one of their children had a nightmare. The dream woke ...

Musing Meditation: Things are not always as big/bad as they appear! Be mindful on Election Day.

When I was five years old, I didn’t particularly care for Kindergarten. It wasn’t that I hated school. Other than nap time, I enjoyed it all. But what I did hate was leaving home, I missed my mama. The previous years were largely just she and ...

Musing Meditation- Sometimes Vision Requires Learning from Mistakes

Do you remember in the Field of Dreams movie, “If you build it, they will come?” What if we changed that up a bit and instead thought, “If we vision it, we can get there.” It’s so easy to go through life and “go with the flow.” Often the flow ...

Musing Meditation- “What if we became energy transformers?”

Last week an electric transformer in Troutman blew and parts of Troutman were out of power for 8 hours. It was right as the workday was set to begin so that greatly hindered some pretty important situations for people. The impact of that blow ...

Musing Meditation- The Danger of Using “I”

But when we rely on the power of God within us, we can accomplish everything. If you go to the book of Judges in Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and read the story of Gideon, you will see that he used the word "I" a lot. Gideon was a farmer ...

Musing Meditation

I asked several members of the original launch team of West if there was a time they remembered our struggle to trust God or a time when we did trust God in a difficult opportunity and as God always does, God led the way through it and ...



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