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No Place to Run and Hide

As you’ve heard (or read), Tom/I are co-adopting a dog. We joke that Axel is quite a lucky dog to have both a city home (with me) and a lake home (with Tom). In a message a few weeks ago, I shared the travails of trying to get Axel in my car. ...

Cleaning Dirty Mirrors Can Seem Impossible

When Josh and I were prepping for yesterday’s message, we needed to clean the mirror. The beautiful floor-length mirror (thank you, Gary and Suzanne Heck, for the use of said mirror!) that we’ve been writing on for the past 3 weeks. It had lots ...

Lost on a Backroad in Ohio

It’s easy to miss the mark when we can’t see where we are headed.  Last week I had the rare privilege to interview a German woman whose first childhood memory was of her home being bombed, the entire apartment building being destroyed, and her ...

Ax Throwing and Life

It sounded like fun! Taking an ax, throwing it at a wooden target, and seeing how it would "stick." The target was a large wooden wall, so surely it couldn't be that difficult. I knew my athletic limitations going into the outing. (Pretty much, ...

The Power in Finishing Well

There is power in "finishing well." None of us know how we will ultimately "finish" this journey of life. I imagine we all hope to finish with people that we love and cherish in our lives. We also most likely want to finish having left a mark ...

Things Tested are also Trusted

Early spring I went to start my car and nothing happened. It made a little “clicking sound” and then went completely dead. No radio, no nothing. I thought it was the battery, but I knew I hadn’t left anything “on” so I could not figure out why ...

First- it’s beautiful! Then, BAM! Out of nowhere it falls apart!

Why is it that the "difficult things" come after some of the most beautiful things? Ever had that feeling that life is clipping along, all is well, work, family, relationships, finances . . . everything is as you hope it will be. Then, BAM! Out ...

Sometimes we do not like that which we see!

It had been several challenging months. There were multiple obstacles, trying to balance finishing doctoral school in Washington, D.C.,taking care of my family, trying to be a solid leader/pastor, figuring out how to launch a 501c3 with other ...

Knowing WHEN to “relax” is 99% of the battle!

Monday did not go at all as I had planned! With weather that makes us feel as if we've all moved to Seattle, I'd planned on plopping myself in a chair and working on Lenten devotions/messages and thank you notes to the folks that have so ...

It’s OK to Take a Nap!

Kindergarten is usually a win for most kids! Especially the first few weeks of it because the teachers/staff really WANT you to be successful. By week 3 of kindergarten, my parents and I had to attend a "called" parent/teacher conference. "Mr. ...

Musing Meditation– a Weekday Spiritual Guide

Finding the Right Place to Turn Around When I’m driving somewhere new and I miss my turn, I’ll drive miles and miles out of the way looking for the “perfect spot” where I can turn around. I think through lots of things: How easy will it be to ...
Are you filling up the relationships you are in or are you the cause of emptiness?

Are you filling up the relationships you are in or are you the cause of emptiness?

A huge part of Kathleen Edelman’s work “I Said This, You Heard That” focuses on “what makes us tick.” Our innate wiring causes us to act and react how we do once we understand the “why,” we can certainly learn to use our words ...



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