I invite you to read this meditation this morning as we honor Veterans on this Veteran’s Day.

Think about it – the sacrifices they make and the risks they take are for the good of the whole. For strangers. Not something they are doing for themselves.

How amazing would our world be if we all had that mindset? One of sacrifice, one of risk, one of commitment.

Thank the veterans you know today!

Grace and Peace,


For those who have given of themselves

I give thanks, and pray that I too may be so giving.

For those who have risked I give thanks,

and pray that I too may be so courageous.

For those who have sacrificed I give thanks,

and pray that I to may live not for myself

but for others, not just for my own,

my family, my kind, my country—

but for all others, in gratitude for all—

strangers, all—who have given so much for me;

because we are all woven in one web of care,

one body, one life.

-Pastor Steve Garnaas-Holmes