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The Most Impressive Thing May Not Be What We Think

There are two different kinds of stories . . . Stories “about” our lives and stories “from” our lives. Author Bob Goff writes, “Acquaintances will know us for what we’ve done. Friends will remember us for how we loved.” Conway Jolly, a ...

We Can’t Rewrite History- a Devotion on Racism

When is the last time you were tired? I don't mean you mowed the grass, sweated a little, and need a few minutes to regroup. I mean - just plain tired. Soul tired. Weary. Think of that time. Then, think about how respite came . . . what it ...

Being Uncomfortable

When is the last time you were uncomfortable? And why? Yesterday was a day of being uncomfortable. It started by listening to a podcast recommended by Rev. Amy Burton, who attended Wake Forest University as an undergrad. She knew Wendell ...

We need to think through “why?”

  It would behoove us all to wonder "why?" For three days I saw no media. It wasn't intentional, I just got busy with work and life and didn't do the social medial scroll/troll, didn't turn on NPR, and ...

How many frogs are there?

Sunday we showed you a clip from Cast Away starring Tom Hanks and Wilson, a volleyball. Hanks was stranded on a desert island in the South Pacific and all he had was some packages that survived the plane crash. One of the packages consisted of ...

When accepting an apology. “I love you” is way better than “It’s ok.”

I like to think that I’m REALLY approachable, but one thing I’ve learned recently is that the people closest to me, whether it’s my best friends, my partner, my children . . . none of them really enjoy telling me what it is that I’ve done to ...

Responsibility and Accountability – two of our favorite words.

Can we be accountable and responsible for the errors we make? True apologies are a gift we can give to the people in our lives because: It releases that person from thinking “How can they do this to me?” When we hurt others, it is ...

No, “but” or “if” or “you!” Words NOT to use when apologizing.

It was a pretty contentious meeting. For many reasons, the folks around the virtual table just couldn’t quite agree on the best steps forward, emotions were high, tempers were quick.  Someone closed the meeting in a prayer, but the prayer ...

I Wouldn’t Miss It!

Awhile back I had the privilege of co-planning a surprise birthday party for a young woman turning 20. While I was really excited about being in on the planning for the event, what I didn’t think about was how that would revitalize my ...

Overcoming the Funk

We all get in “funks,” right? Where we see things with tainted eyes, distorting reality and we apply that colored lens into all that we do and see. I hear from some now that it seems it is easier to slip into a “funk” because of the prolonged ...

Led Where We Do Not Want To Go

The world we knew. . . where you'd see someone for the first time in a long time and not think twice about shaking their hand or giving them a hug. Or where we'd stand shoulder to shoulder at a sporting event or music concert (not to mention ...

Lessons from the cat about caring for others

It was a beautiful image . . . a tiny little runt piglet curled up next to a cat. When my son Andrew sent me that picture on Easter explaining that the little piglet was born the night before and was struggling to survive, I thought, "How ...



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