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Do you find yourself waiting?

Waiting on the storm to come. Waiting on the storm to pass. We all find ourselves waiting on a storm at some point in our lives. Literally and metaphorically. Far too often, we spend our time worrying about or anticipating whatever storm is ...

Some things cannot be cancelled out!

Happy Friday! We are back safe and sound from Uganda. What a trip - to see how 9 young men (ranging in age from 22 - 27) are meeting new people every week and engaging them in building a community that invests in the community. "We want to be ...

Burning the candle at both ends . . .Greeting from the other side of the world!

How interesting, the timing of it all. Burnout. This is a message suggested by leadership, and the more we talk about it as a community, the more we realize it is so pertinent and relevant for where we are. Thursday, Dawn and I left for ...
Would you make a good contestant on “Naked and Afraid”?

Would you make a good contestant on “Naked and Afraid”?

You have to be able to start a fire. Naked and Afraid is a bizarre yet fascinating show. Each episode follows the lives of two survivalists who meet for the first time. Once they meet, they must become naked and survive a stay in the ...
Ever Feel Like…Throwing up your middle finger to the world?

Ever Feel Like…Throwing up your middle finger to the world?

Do you wake up ready to hit the ground running? Or . . . Do you wake up and think, “Oh my gosh, I certainly am not looking forward to today.” Recently, a colleague/friend said, “I just feel like throwing my middle finger to the world.” I ...

We can never be too old to change! And here is proof!

Anytime I travel, if I see a church, I’m always curious about what "kind” it is. What denomination (Baptist, Catholic, Non-Denominational, and of course – United Methodist)? I’m very much a geek in this way! Thursday and Friday of this week, I ...

Just a little Patience and Curiosity . . .

Patience and Curiosity are the best paths forward We all know what it feels like to be hurt by someone who couldn’t listen long enough to understand us and where we are coming from. In their attempt to be right, they damaged the relationship ...

Do you think Atrium Health needs us to come clean the Neo-Natal ICU?

Monthly our West campus participates in a missional outreach like our “No Huddle Days” here. They go as a team and do something for someone beyond themselves. Next Saturday, Dero, the launch team, and the new families calling West Church ...


  Recently I had the opportunity to accidentally see the Blue Angels practicing. Simply walking down a street and hearing a loud roaring noise above, I looked up, and four planes flew over my head. They were practicing for an air show ...

Why don’t we hear these stories?

Her name is Ashley Malone. And she is a "story" we should hear about. Wednesday, as my flight to Syracuse, began, the Captain spoke to the passengers. "Today, we have the privilege of transporting Veteran ______ to his final resting place. ...

Lazy Church, a Blackout Stupor, or Maybe, just MAYBE . . . a place of deep faith!

“Now, tell me the name of the church where you are the pastor?” Recently, in a subsequent conversation with a neighbor, they asked me that question. I was a bit embarrassed to admit to them that I didn’t “invite” them to church because I ...

What if you should listen with something other than your ears?

Listen - - - with the ear of the heart. This comes from The Rule of St. Benedict. Recently during in-person worship, I asked what habit you need to be more attentive to. Someone texted in, “I need to listen more. We have two ears and one ...



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