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Breaking An Entering

Around 2 am last year on the Sunday before Christmas, there was a large crash in the family room of my home. It jarred me awake and then I waited, trying to figure out what would cause noise of that magnitude.  After the initial crash there was

Unplugged, Uncut, and Uncensored

We really have created a place of grace.  It was bound to happen. At some point it was inevitable that we’d let something slip. Perhaps you’ll be disappointed (and I’ll apologize on the front end) but your pastor does use a few four letter ...

There are two types of families . . .

“There’s two types of families, dysfunctional and those that think they are not.”  “I just wish we could be like the _________ family.”  Words I heard a gentleman share with me years ago as he was lamenting about the estrangement of his ...

Seeing Love Through an Empty Snickers Wrapper

There was a homeless gentleman walking down the sidewalk in a large city when he noticed what appeared to be a Snickers Bar lying there. He bent over to pick it up and upon doing so the wrapper crushed in his hand. There was no Snickers Bar in ...

Calculated Moves

It was a calculated move on her part.  Running errands in the Target shopping complex she saw that PetSmart was having an adoption day.  OR - maybe she knew there was an adoption day thus the need to run errands in that same shopping ...

Finding Beauty in Ashes

“Susan and Peter’s house burned to the ground last night.”  It was a text I received on my last morning in Uganda. I knew exactly who they were referring to. Peter and Susan Stoltzfus Halliday.  This was one of those times that you’d have to ...

They drove a BMW! How could they . . .

Have the audacity to come to the Back to School Bash for free things, especially shoes?  Those were words uttered at the first Back to School Bash that brought some frustration to the design team. The mission of The Bash was to have an event ...

What do you want for Christmas?

It’s rather gluttonness, actually. Each year before Christmas we would make our children clean out their closets/toy boxes so they could make room for the new things Santa would give them.  We made ourselves feel better about this by giving ...

The Feast of Life

It was a “Christmas tradition.” Every year while on staff at Williamson’s Chapel, a few weeks before Christmas we would be invited to the home of the most amazing cook. It took the place of our staff meeting and truthfully, it was a day we all ...


Dr. Maxwell Maltz was an American cosmetic surgeon and author of Psycho-Cybernetics, which is a system of ideas that he claimed could improve one's self-image leading to a more successful and fulfilling life. He tells a powerful story that gives

A Big Little Word

In order to come to the manger there is something we must do. To come and walk in faithfulness we must first repent.  It is a little word but carries such a big meaning. Not the moralistic meaning religious puritists have assigned to it.  But ...

Too Many Christmas Parties

What kind of invitation are you looking for? I used to LOVE Christmas party invitations. Keywords here - “used to.”  It was my first Christmas at Williamson’s Chapel as their associate pastor. Under the guidance of my senior pastor, I attended



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