Several times this week I’ve received emails from you sharing meditations/articles that you’ve read that depict others’ being fully aware of the presence of God. I hope you realize that your recognition of these things shows your own awareness and immersion in the presence of The Divine.

As people of faith who understand consciousness, etc., we can realize that we are created and born fully immersed in the indwelling of God, abiding in it completely as infants. Yet, as we grow/age and become more exposed to other experiences, we become conditioned by those. We move away from that experience of absolute oneness as we go through life. Then, theories suggest, at some point in our journey we experience an awakening. Then, we age and grow in Wisdom and Truth, and we move back to that oneness.

Becoming aware of that oneness is such a gift.

That is what helps us navigate the most difficult of circumstances.

Realizing that regardless of what happens to us or around us, we are never alone. Connecting to The Divine will empower us in ways we don’t even understand.

Have you ever found a fossil?

Years ago while on a mission trip in Mandeville, Jamaica, literally in the middle of the island on top of a huge mountain, I was taking a break. The goal was to be in a prayerful place for 15 minutes of each day praying for the residents of the Deaf Village, the missionaries, the people of our team, the residents of the island, and anyone else that crossed our mind.

While praying I looked down and saw the imprint of a seashell deeply embedded in a rock. The rock had been unearthed by the equipment digging the foundation of the building we were working on. We were in the middle of an island on top of a huge mountain. I was struck by the fact that at some point in history that space had been immersed in water.

It was an “awe-filled” moment.

Then, a gust of wind came and blew off my hat. You couldn’t miss the power of the wind.

It reminded me of Pentecost, the birthday of the church when a mighty wind came rushing through the room where the disciples were gathered.

It was unmistakably the power and presence of God. It was truly a “Kingdom of Heaven” moment.

So, what is the Kingdom of Heaven?

Cynthia Bourgeault  writes, “Biblical scholars have debated this question for almost as long as there have been biblical scholars. Many Christians, particularly those of a more evangelical persuasion,” (aka – what we would think of as conservative)

“assume that the Kingdom of Heaven means the place you go when you die—if you’ve been “saved.” But the problem with this interpretation is that Jesus himself specifically contradicts it when he says, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” (that is, here) and “at hand” (that is, now). It’s not later, but lighter—some more subtle quality or dimension of experience accessible to you right in the moment. You don’t die into it; you awaken into it.”

Are we awake?

May it be our prayer that we are!

Grace and Peace,