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Are you doing anything that makes your stomach hurt?

My stomach is a great gauge of my anxiety. Anytime anything difficult is going on, there is truly a "pit" in my stomach. Ever have that feeling? How does your anxiety manifest itself? When Jesus began his ministry, the focus was on ...

Riding Into the Storm

Sometimes we can prepare for storms. Like snow in the south . . . you know there is a hint of it coming weeks ahead of time. Then, it is breaking news leading into it, during it, and then reports following, as well. There is a mad rush to ...

Egging as an Altar

First off, THANK YOU! Holy cow the ways you were "the church" last Sunday! Whether you supported it financially by buying off the Amazon wishlist, through your generosity and offerings to West, or by egging kid's houses, you made a difference. ...

Would we leave the 99?

A question to ponder . . . How many times did Jesus point to himself, his wants, his “must-haves” instead of pointing to God, loving self, loving others, and simply Loving? “What do you mean you have loaves and fish? I prefer lamb.” “I ...

Sometimes it is ok to break the rules.

Recently, when Dawn and I attended the Antiracism training provided by our annual conference, I had the opportunity to meet some new ministry colleagues. One was a person serving in children’s ministry in a mid-sized congregation, much the ...

Sometimes it is ok to break the rules.

Can you think of a time when you judged someone’s actions based on a long-standing moral code rather than what might be actually “right” for that person? Sometimes, we give the Pharisees and religious leaders of Jesus’ time a bad wrap. They ...

What kind of ground are you?

Happy Monday. Jesus uses parables to teach lessons and push people to think. They were not used for doctrine and dogma, but instead to guide them into ways to live life full of meaning and salvation (transformation). In yesterday's ...

Can we forgo our independence to be come reliant on something that matters?

How self-reliant are you?   One of the parental "gut-wrenching moments" is when you take your child to kindergarten—leaving them in the "big world" to fend for themselves, without their guardian there to save the day.   I ...

It’s the weirdest kind of “joy” but it is so real!

The beatitudes of Jesus are not pious hopes of what shall be. They are not glowing, vague prophecies of some future utopia/bliss. They are congratulations on what is. If we embrace them, if we live into them, it is then that we can ...

What are your “go to” words?

Do you have "words to live by?" Recently, when Layne called to share the heartbreaking news from the doctor, my unspoken mental response was, "What can I go to?" Meaning, what is it within my realm of knowledge and understanding that I ...

Thoughts from the week

Happy Friday. Instead of words today, I am including the link for the message from Ash Wednesday. Because of technical difficulties followed by crappy life difficulties, you didn't get this Wednesday or yesterday. So . . . . here it is. I ...

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday. The time we receive a mark on our foreheads reminding us, "From dust we came and from dust we shall return. Repent and believe the Gospel." Or . . . phrasing it this way . . . "We are reminded of our humble ...



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