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Alien Takeover

Do you ever get frustrated when you try really hard to put things in place to make things go smoothly and then it all falls apart? We are two weeks away from our BIGGEST outreach event of the year. And - WAY BEFORE 10 a.m., we had everything ...

“Pick Two” From the Menu

At some local eating establishments, they offer a “Pick Two” from their menu for lunch. You get ½ the average “meal” portion, and you get to combine two of your favorite things to create a meal. Great marketing plan to increase sales. Not a ...

Digging Deeper

Ruby Falls is a 145-foot underground waterfall deep within a cave under Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In the 1920’s, Leo Lambert, A chemist with a penchant for caving, was originally intent on preserving a famous cave that many ...

We’ll leave the light on for ya!

What if Creation is exactly that. The Light being left on (given) for us. Incarnation. We think of this word in the context of “God becoming flesh.” Jesus was known to be God incarnate. And, that’s about as far as we’ve delved into the topic ...

Travis Kelce’s new fame?

"Well Trav, how does it feel now that Taylor Swift has put you on the map?" Jason Kelce, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, teasingly asked his brother, a two-time Super Bowl winner with the Kansas City Chiefs. After Taylor Swift attended ...

Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Layne's wedding is just over a month away. It seems surreal because the planning started a year ago when she became engaged. Or, actually, for Layne like many romantics, the planning started when she was 12. I saw this cool idea on social ...

Last Names

During premarital counseling, which is a requirement before I officiate weddings, I dedicate one session to going through the wedding ceremony. An important part of the ceremony is when the couple is presented to the guests before they walk ...

Things We Struggle With

Everyone struggles with things . . . and it is honestly ok if one of those "things" is scripture! God's big enough to love us through our struggles. And, I daresay that struggling will allow us to come out on the other side with a healthy, ...

The “Religious” Version of the Hippocratic Oath

In her book, Returning to Eden, Hamilton asks this brilliant question, “Can you imagine if Christians were required to take an oath to “first, do no harm” with the Bible?” We’ve used the Bible for lots of things . . . . . And not all of them ...

You are wrong!

Does hearing that make your hair stand on end? How do you receive hearing that you are wrong? Whether working on something with someone or merely conversing about something, odds are when we hear, “You are wrong!” we have some negative ...

Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Happy Friday! First of all, huge thanks to Adam Lumley who knocked it out of the park last Sunday! Because of the change in dates due to water issue, I did not have a guest speaker lined up for last Sunday. Adam was willing to step in with ...

Faith 16.3.1

Have you upgraded to the latest iOS operating system? I'm an Apple user, but imagine Android users go through a similar process. Apple recently introduced iOS 17, which brings significant updates to Phone, Messages, and FaceTime, offering new ...



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