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There’s no way this makes sense…

I was driving home from the office yesterday and noticed a unique decal on the back of a truck's window diagonally in front of me. I could tell it was supposed to spell out something because one of the letters looked like a "V," . . . but ...

The countless hours of practice and intentionality… In all aspects of our lives.

I started taking piano at 4 years old. My fingers honestly weren’t big enough to learn to play, but I wanted to so badly that my family gave in, got me a teacher, and the hell began. It looked so fun at first, one’s fingers moving across the ...

The Mystic and our pathway…do they intersect?

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting with a colleague from Savannah. (Which is why the e-news is later today, the weather was atrocious so I ended up stopping/staying on the drive back). Jesuit Fr. Karl Rahner said, "If Western ...

The Power of the Mickey Mouse and the fear of leaving something often keeps us from moving forward.

When our children were 2 and 4, we decided we would take them to Disney World. The rule was they had to be potty trained, and we wanted to take them before we had to pay the full price. The memories of the trip remind me that overall it went ...

Do you own an atlas?

Do we need an atlas anymore? Recently walking through Walmart, I noticed an atlas on an endcap. I’d forgotten those even existed. Then, a few weeks later, I saw an idea for Soul Creations using maps. You choose various cities off an ...

How much can you possibly sleep…when you finally get back home?

When my son went to college and would come home for various breaks, it was inevitable that he would sleep an inordinate amount of hours. At first, it was a little frustrating because I scheduled time to be off from work so we could hang out ...

Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus or Cheetos and Margaritas…Which would you prefer?

Do you ever feel like if something is "good for you," then it is bad before it is good? It's almost as if consuming something good has to be a bit like a punishment. Like you have to "take your medicine." But if something is "bad for you" ...

If it isn’t the original . . .Then, it isn’t any good!

That's how millions of people felt in 1985 when they took their first sip of the new Coke. Hopefully, your first day back at work following a holiday weekend has gone well! Or . . . if you have the privilege of being retired, today was full ...

Are you going to cheat on Thanksgiving? Maybe let’s take a second to think through that!

Over the years with West folks, I’ve not hidden the times I’ve screwed up. Certainly, there are plenty to choose from, but a significant regret of mine is cheating in high school. Geometry and Chemistry. Those two things alluded to ...

What if we make up our minds?

It’s the way we think. And it changes the way we live. For the next week, we will prepare to “be grateful.” What if preparing for Thanksgiving is a jumping-off point for living life rooted more deeply in gratitude? Sometimes, ...

Honoring our Veterans

I invite you to read this meditation this morning as we honor Veterans on this Veteran's Day.

Til You Can’t

This week at the Country Music Awards Cody Johnson won his first CMA for the music video, "Til You Can't." Perhaps it is so popular right now because of the message it carries. A message that can resonate with each of us. Even if you don't ...



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