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You Can Do Anything If You Put Your Mind To It

I was attending a funeral with some clergy friends. During the “congregational singing” (where everyone at the service sang together) we stood and one of my friends and I shared a hymnal (the book with all the songs). The song began, and I began

Pathways from the Past or Pathways to Peace?

Years ago a woman shared with me how horrific her childhood was. The abuse she’d suffered from her mom. Years of being told what a disappointment she was, being compared to friends, being told how she would “never amount to anything.” I didn’t ...

Really, REALLY Thirsty!

What is the thirstiest you’ve ever been? On our first trip to Uganda, Pastor Geoffrey didn’t know what to expect. Nor did we. The flights to get to Uganda literally take 24 hours by the time you fly into different airports, have layovers, change


So many times, religious people get caught up in “who’s in” and “who’s out” regarding heaven/the Kingdom of God. Instead of focusing on our own lives, our own sin, there is a tendency to do a lot of finger-pointing. We mask it under the auspice ...

The Wanted, Yet Unasked For, Gift

Recently I was privileged to watch a husband/wife in the middle of a conversation. It was a pretty random conversation with some friends, they were talking about music, and she made the remark, “You know those old school record players? Like ...

Last Words are Important Words

What we say reveals what is in our hearts. You’ve heard that, right? That whatever words we say reveals what our hearts are made of? It’s a scary concept sometimes, but it also is true. None of us are perfect, and I for one know that sometimes ...

Sudden Temperature Change Causes Shattering

Assumptions get us into trouble Every. Single. Time. Anytime I “plan ahead” I feel as if I’ve achieved something just short of miraculous. Especially when it comes to persona/household things. With work - I’m all about “planning” and I live by ...

When the Old Way Falls Apart

If we are revamping things, we are changing them. And over the past several weeks we’ve been intentional about “revamping” ourselves. Changing ourselves for the better, so that we grow and become more like Christ. When we hear the word change, ...

No Place to Run and Hide

As you’ve heard (or read), Tom/I are co-adopting a dog. We joke that Axel is quite a lucky dog to have both a city home (with me) and a lake home (with Tom). In a message a few weeks ago, I shared the travails of trying to get Axel in my car. ...

Cleaning Dirty Mirrors Can Seem Impossible

When Josh and I were prepping for yesterday’s message, we needed to clean the mirror. The beautiful floor-length mirror (thank you, Gary and Suzanne Heck, for the use of said mirror!) that we’ve been writing on for the past 3 weeks. It had lots ...

Lost on a Backroad in Ohio

It’s easy to miss the mark when we can’t see where we are headed.  Last week I had the rare privilege to interview a German woman whose first childhood memory was of her home being bombed, the entire apartment building being destroyed, and her ...

Ax Throwing and Life

It sounded like fun! Taking an ax, throwing it at a wooden target, and seeing how it would "stick." The target was a large wooden wall, so surely it couldn't be that difficult. I knew my athletic limitations going into the outing. (Pretty much, ...



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