Sometimes we can prepare for storms.

Like snow in the south . . . you know there is a hint of it coming weeks ahead of time. Then, it is breaking news leading into it, during it, and then reports following, as well. There is a mad rush to the grocery store, no bread or milk, etc. Odds are, if you live in the south, this is not a surprise to you. You know the drill.

Other times, storms come out of nowhere.

Life is clipping along ok.

Then, out of nowhere . . . a phone call, an email, a text, a knock on the door, and everything changes.

Whether it is a storm we prepare for or one that comes out of the blue, it is as if life comes to a screeching halt. What we know is no more, now we stand reeling, waiting to figure out our next steps.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on what we know as Palm Sunday, he blew in, creating quite a storm. Riding in on an unbroken colt, he had much to do and a short time to do it.

He didn’t slink in, hoping to be unnoticed.

He boldly, having set his face for Jerusalem, came full steam ahead. Driven by his passion and love for God, his people, his family, and the city of his faith, he was willing to go in and through whatever was before him to make his point.

As we are at the beginning of this Holy Week, may we be mindful of where we are in the midst of storms.

Are there storms you are living through right now and you need that grit and perseverance so that you can make it through?

Are there storms on the horizon? You can see them coming, but there is nothing you can do to avoid them.

Or are you on the other side of a storm? You’ve made it through but now the damage done to your psyche and soul seems more than you can bear.

Jesus shows us it is possible to not just endure a storm, but to find new life from them.

It isn’t easy. And lots of times we want to lament, give up, just be done with the whole thing. But Jesus shows another way.

In and through.

In and through any storm.

He makes a way where there is no other way.

May we abide in that this Holy Week.

Grace and Peace,