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Stay in Your Lane

"Stay in your lane" is a pretty popular saying now. It's in the media, we use it in our conversations . . . sometimes in jest, but there actually is some wisdom to that concept. Have you ever ridden with someone and they keep veering off the ...

Don’t Live Like a Pinball Machine

A wise mentor once taught me that if we aren't careful, we will live our lives like the ball in a pinball machine. We will just go from "hit to hit" without any intentionality. Pretty soon, before we know it, we will be exhausted with our lives ...

The Last Trip

When we were in Uganda the summer of 2018 as people asked about future trips, I found myself repeating, "Yes, West will continue our relationship with Acres of Hope. For me personally, however, this is my last trip." Having been six times, I ...

What’s the worst that can happen with rejection?

Yesterday's devotion was about a young "Make a wish" family and how I had to work through my courage to tell them that I had been praying for them. I always love it when you write me with insights, questions, and feedback to the ...

The “gut” said “yes,” the brain said “no.”

The worship production team and I are attending a conference in Orlando to learn how to better utilize the technology we have available and to also see where the "future" of church media is headed. Brad, Josh, and I took a little time on ...

Daring: Flashy Verses Consistency

Several years ago I had the privilege of leading a Celebration of Life service for someone that I knew only for a brief amount of time. In planning for the service the family shared with me that they wanted a time of "open sharing." They wanted ...

What We See vs How We See

During a message on sacrificing personal desires in order to make a difference in someone else's life a friend of mine used a personal illustration. He shared about a time when he'd had a REALLY bad day. Multiple people were angry with him. ...

Daring to Claim the Power of Intimacy

Can you remember a time in a relationship with someone that after that conversation you knew you'd grown to new depths? You'd encountered intimacy of a friendship/relationship and that intimacy was life-giving? To have authentic, meaningful ...

Is it ok to wear pajamas to “church?”

(Permission has been granted to use the following story). A friend of mine shared on her Facebook page a self-described rant about how her daughter was treated following a church worship service. Her "apparel" was judged to be inappropriate ...

Meditation: Daring Ourselves

When is the last time you took a dare? A dare is when we have the courage to do something . . . something typically outside our comfort zones. Doing new things - well, that's scary. For anyone, typically. That's why organizations like ...

Intimate Relationships are AMAZING things!

Learning to see from the eyes of the ones whom we love. Ask: "How would they feel if I said/did this?" It puts things in a completely different perspective. It pushes us to forgo seeing only our personal "way" of seeing. It pushes us into ...

Friends Devotion #3

Fickle comes from an Old English word ficol, which means deceitful. In each of our lives we have the opportunity to have friends that are constants or fickle. What are some constants that exist in your life? A "constant" is something that is ...



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