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The Non-Perfect Uber Score Surprise

Did you know Uber riders get a score? I had no idea Uber riders had a score. So when I accidentally clicked something and found out I had a score, I was surprised. THEN, I was MORE surprised to learn that my score wasn’t perfect. How can you ...

When You Start Something

Have you ever heard the adage, “When you start something you need to finish it?” There is a joke about this. See what you think . . . “A Dr. on TV said to have inner peace we should always finish things we start and we all could use more calm ...

Eyeing It or Compelled to Go?

Are you willing to be driven into the wilderness? When we went to the Holy Land in January one of the things I looked forward to sharing with our group the most was the “wilderness.” It was where Jesus was driven by the Holy Spirit after ...

Dreams: From Lifeless to Living

Dreams are fascinating. They reveal to us our subconscious . . . and while I’m not an analyzer of dreams, I do think many (maybe not all) can be revealing if we meditate and pray about their meaning. Warning - the following might not make ...

Shaking the Polaroid is No Longer a Thing

Back in the dark ages, the ‘70s, Polaroid cameras became very popular ways to capture images. ​It was during this time when a new process of developing film was introduced, dry development. Light was used to develop the film. In 1972, the ...
Who Gets the Last Word?

Who Gets the Last Word?

It is human nature to like or enjoy getting the last word. We’ve been heavily influenced by media and romanticism that whether or not it is through texting, phone calls, or face to face arguments, getting the last word can be advantageous to ...

Sometimes the End of the Story is Just the Beginning

When our kids were young story-time followed by prayers was a normal bedtime routine. At first it was easy . . . just think up some crazy plot line, tell the story, and then everyone could end their day in a fun, positive way. However as they ...

New Devotions for Lenten Series Start Today!

The last time Scott and I had the opportunity to do a road trip together we realized we had forgotten how much joy we gather from driving with one another for long distances. Truth: We both despise one another’s driving. He thinks I don’t pay ...
BLOG- Travels From The Holy Land 2019

BLOG- Travels From The Holy Land 2019

1/16/19 Happy Wednesday! Yesterday 22 others and I boarded the plane for JFK and at midnight boarded the flight for Tel Aviv. While in the Holy Land I'll be keeping a combination of written and video blog. You can find those on the theWest ...
VLOG- Travels From The Holy Land 2019

VLOG- Travels From The Holy Land 2019

1/21/19 Happy Monday From Pan 1/20/19 1/18/19 Western Wall Garden of Gethsemane Teaching Steps   1/17/19 Shepherd's Fields Holocaust Museum Walk of ...

That Which We Are Able to See

On our Uganda trip in October of 2017 we stayed in a new hotel in the village of Pakwach. Apparently it was REALLLLLLLY new, because they were still trying to work out a few kinks with the locks on their doors. A gentleman on the trip, Sheldon ...

Communion and Chewing Gum

Can you have the sacrament of Holy Communion if you chew gum in worship? Recently there was an article in The Charlotte Observer about a young person who was denied communion in the church of his/her faith tradition. There was great debate ...



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