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The Feast of Life

It was a “Christmas tradition.” Every year while on staff at Williamson’s Chapel, a few weeks before Christmas we would be invited to the home of the most amazing cook. It took the place of our staff meeting and truthfully, it was a day we all ...


Dr. Maxwell Maltz was an American cosmetic surgeon and author of Psycho-Cybernetics, which is a system of ideas that he claimed could improve one's self-image leading to a more successful and fulfilling life. He tells a powerful story that ...

A Big Little Word

In order to come to the manger there is something we must do. To come and walk in faithfulness we must first repent.  It is a little word but carries such a big meaning. Not the moralistic meaning religious puritists have assigned to it.  But ...

Too Many Christmas Parties

What kind of invitation are you looking for? I used to LOVE Christmas party invitations. Keywords here - “used to.”  It was my first Christmas at Williamson’s Chapel as their associate pastor. Under the guidance of my senior pastor, I ...

Do you need skywriters to see?

Communication is a two-way street.  It is the number one cause of conflict in relationships because often times what is intended to be communicated is not what is received. It doesn’t mean either partner is wrong, it just indicates they are ...

The Botched Declaration of Adoration

It was my first “adult” relationship, so perhaps my emotional and relational intelligence was not quite where it should have been. After dinner we sat at the table having great conversation about life - regrets, hopes, dreams. His dog meandered ...

The Missed Invitation

It was always a cringeworthy moment in the sixth grade classroom when someone would arrive with “birthday invitations.”  Different children handled it different ways. Some were quite gracious and considerate of others' feelings. But there were ...

Some things are worth waiting for!

Waiting isn’t the easiest of things.  We live in a pretty immediate world. Let’s take food, for instance. First - the invention of “fast food.” Then microwaves. Now there is the Insta Pot - which frankly, is like magic.  Even our entertainment ...

Some things are worth waiting for!

We live in a pretty immediate world. Let’s take food, for instance. First - the invention of “fast food.” Then microwaves. Now there is the Insta Pot - which frankly, is like magic. Even our entertainment is rather immediate. What used to be ...

Affirming or Condemning

Andrea, you need to meet this guy and hear what he has to say about West. He stopped me in the gym and told me what West was doing in his life. You need to know that what you do makes a difference.” Words uttered by Gary Heck one afternoon ...

The Lacrosse Ball Dog

Recently I was dog-sitting and the dog loved to roll around on her back on top of a tennis ball. I'd seen this happen in a physical therapy office but not with a dog. I'm doing good to get my dog to break into a quick step, much less run. The ...

What if we all get a plastic Jesus?

"You really have a plastic Jesus? Isn't that like . . . wrong?" Those were the words uttered by someone visiting my office. Around my bookcases and on my desk are things/pictures given to me by friends and family. Granted, they aren't the ...



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