“I’m blessed to be a blessing” . . . I have never been a huge fan of that phrase, but as corny as it may sound, it is pretty accurate.

“There’s no way I can have faith in a God that would allow this to happen, to allow such pain.”

If you haven’t uttered these words, odds are you know someone who has.

Someone whose faith has been rocked and shattered so much that at that moment in time, faith is impossible to have.

The beauty of those moments is that when others’ faith falters, that’s where we come in.

When those that we know (or even don’t know) find themselves paralyzed by life, we have a choice we can make.

We can be some phenomenal religious front-row seat holders, watching, critiquing, theorizing, and judging. Or . . .

We can carry them.

We can pick them up in our faith, in our prayers, carrying them and seeing all this not as a burden but a calling, a privilege to be able to take this journey with them.

How do we do this?

We say “Please.”

Please . . . peace.

Please . . . strength.

Please . . . protection.

Please . . . hope.

Please . . . comfort.

Please . . . stamina.

Please . . . patience.

Sometimes when we say “please,” God will work in us so that our prayers for others simultaneously become blessings.

“Peace be with you, my friend.”

“Take strength because you aren’t alone!”

“I know you are protected through whatever storm you face.”

When we give a blessing to someone else, not only does it offer them hope and knowledge of knowing they aren’t alone, it opens us up to the love that abides deep within.

The truth is, we are all “blessed to be a blessing.”

Where can you speak a prayer and a blessing for and with someone today?