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Who Wins When You Wrestle With Your Shadow?

The Disney character Peter Pan has a very unique shadow. At one point in the movie, Peter and his shadow chase each other around until Peter wrestles his shadow down so it can be sewn back onto his shoes.

The Missing Dog

When Tom and I adopted Axel, I was determined that he was going to "attach" to both of us equally. Or . . . maybe me a little bit more! 🙂 Nevertheless, we both wanted to be really intentional about his bonding with each of us, our respective ...

Digging For Gold: Finding Your Core Fear

Advent Meditations "Do Not Be Afraid" The American Counseling Association outlines a process of addressing and then deconstructing one’s core fear (called “digging for gold”). By working through this process, one can quickly and reliably ...

“No! I wasn’t angry!”

A while back I ended up in a huge debate with my therapist. “You were angry,” she said. “No, actually, I wasn’t angry at all. I was just sad.” “No, I’d encourage you to dig a little deeper with those feelings . . . yes, certainly you were ...

If I Can Do Just One More Thing. . .

If I do just this one more thing, then . . . . And you fill in the blank. Maybe it’s you hope to get the promotion at work. Make a higher grade on a test. Get the attention or win the affection of someone you are in a relationship with. Prove ...

Clover, the Superhero Rescue Dog Reveals the Nature of God

21-year-old Haley Moore was walking her family’s rescued Maremma mix puppy, Clover, in their neighborhood one day when suddenly she began to seize. She ended up collapsing on the side of the road. A neighbor’s security camera caught the heroic ...

Are you willing to chant at a NHL Match?

It's almost Thanksgiving! You know the drill, "What am I thankful for?" "Even when it seems there aren't things to be thankful for, if I pause and look long enough, most certainly I will find something!" But this Thanksgiving, I want to ...

Freedom and Responsibility

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility.” Thursday we as a nation honored Veteran's Day. A few years ago on Nov. 13, I called my dad to check in and see how he was ...

There’s One Thing that Controls Everything, and It Isn’t What You Think!

Morning Meditation – A Weekday Spiritual Guide Usually, when we think that there’s “one thing that controls everything,” - we think of that one thing being God. Indeed, we believe that God is all-powerful, all-good, all-knowing, but as United ...

One Size Does NOT Always Fit ALL!

Morning Meditation – A Weekday Spiritual Guide Who doesn’t like a “one size fits all?” Truth, we only like it when it fits. Prayer, spirituality, and faith are not one size fits all. For Halloween, we wanted Axel (our German Shepherd) to be ...

Maybe it is ok if we never see.

I recently visited a West person in the hospital, and we talked about their procedure and future path. "You know that scripture where they talk about how God uses all things for good, even when they are pretty horrific? I believe that ...

It may sound corny, but it’s true.

"I'm blessed to be a blessing" . . . I have never been a huge fan of that phrase, but as corny as it may sound, it is pretty accurate. “There’s no way I can have faith in a God that would allow this to happen, to allow such pain.” If you ...



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