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The Power of a T-Shirt

While shopping at Lowe’s Hardware in Troutman, the cashier commented on my t-shirt. “Oh, you’ve heard of the Back to School Bash?” The Back to School Bash is an annual event held at Mooresville Middle School and it supplies 1000ish students ...

What a week!

Sometimes, it seems that a "message" is hard to come by when it comes to writing these Friday messages. Words aren't present, there isn't a "theme" that needs to be addressed . . . and I struggle for content. Other times, because of very ...

What they don’t teach you . . .is that “pink sunsets” are reminders of The Divine

You might know this story if you’ve been around West for a while. Please bear with me. If you haven’t, I promise, it is a story that offers transformation for us all. Fifteen years ago, a family at Williamson’s Chapel (where I was the ...

Teflon or Velcro?

In yesterday’s meditation, I shared with you a video. The instructions of the video were to count how many times the basketball was passed among the people in the white shirt. But did you see the gorilla walk through the circle? It even beat ...

Can you get out of the rut?

Earlier this year we had a decent amount of snow for our small part of North Carolina. Whereas snow like that in other parts of the world would not impact anything, for us in the Iredell County region, it pretty much shut everything down for a ...

How do you see what you see?

How do you see the world? Do you take in the sights? The sounds? Are you experiencing the world as it is? While we may think we are truly seeing things as they are, the truth is we only see things the way our minds/brains want us to. We see ...

Catch Yourself!

It most likely isn’t exactly the norm for us to “think” about “thinking.” Thinking just happens . . . scientists say that on average, we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. Of those thoughts, approximately 80% are negative. You ...

What will be the most expensive 5k ever?

It will undoubtedly be the most expensive 5k ever. Last year when Tom was training for his triathlon, he found it necessary to compel/guilt me into doing a 5k because I was quick to suggest training mandates, but certainly not quick to get out ...

Do you hold on to your baggage?

What do batteries, electric lights, electric power, phonographs and sound recording, cement, motion pictures, and the pneumatic stencil pen (an ancestor to the modern tattoo gun) all have in common? They were invented by Thomas Edison. To say ...

There is good news, bad news, and frankly, I made a mistake.

The good news is, hey! You actually read what I write! I wish I could say that I whip out the devotions in 5 – 10 minutes. Sometimes they flow easily, other times it takes a long time for the words to come to life on a screen. Thus, there are ...

When is it going to be ok to say, “I’m not ok!”?

According to the latest news article, nineteen children and two teachers are dead. This morning, hundreds of people are reeling, their lives forever changed, because a young man chose to exercise an act of evil out of some deep dark place in ...

Do you really want t0 be healed?

When we began this message series on “The End of Times/Revelation,” I had no idea what the weeks would be about, nor how the series would end. Honestly, whereas most message series are planned out months ahead of time, for some series, even ...



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