Why does it seem that when the most amazing things start happening, it’s so easy for it to come to an abrupt end?

First thing Sunday morning, I received this from Dero, our campus pastor in Uganda.

“Hello mum, how are you doing? I hope you had a great time while you were off for holiday. I wanted you to know that we are so happy that the first-ever fellowship of West Church Uganda was a success. The attendees were so excited and would not wait to come again next Saturday. I will send videos in my report.”

The pictures did not do justice to the joy they seemed to be experiencing.

The smiles were so big, so contagious. Despite our being tired from Bash and just a bit of an insane week, seeing how excited they were to worship reminded me why what we do matters!

Now that Bash is over, I had planned for this week to be dedicated to diving into plans for their trip here, helping them gather content for their fellowship times, and working on our launch of “Soul Creations,” which hopefully will help us fund Amped and West Church Uganda.

Following our online worship experience, I received an email from him entitled “Bad night.”

Dero NEVER complains, so I knew something was wrong to receive a message entitled that.

“Someone broke into our apartment (me, Blaise, and Prosper) and stole our phones . . .” he went on to explain what all was stolen, etc. Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to do a video call w/ the three of them while they were at the police station.

This morning I received a message from Dero, “Why is it that when things seem to be going well does something so discouraging have to happen to make us want to believe we are not doing the right things? Can you please send me a message of hope?”

I’m currently working on that message of hope . . . I’ve sent him a few things, am making them a playlist to listen to for encouragement, etc.

But . . . I also realize that hope sometimes comes in tangible things.

Because insurance doesn’t really work in Uganda, Africa like it does here in NC/USA, I am asking that “hope” for them come with a tangible offering.

We have not budgeted for “robbery in Uganda” so we don’t exactly have money set aside to send for assistance in replacing the items needed. These are items they use to lead worship . . . and to communicate with us. Dero’s laptop (that we took in March) was stolen, their phones, etc.

I don’t often send an email saying, “Hey . . . would you please consider giving some money?”

But today I am.

I realize many of you are at work right now. Could you please – take 1 minute after reading and click the button below and make a donation? (Mark it missions).

Or you can text to give.

Text a dollar amount to 84321. (All this is secure).

Dero has no idea I’m making this ask, nor has he asked for money. I truly feel it is vital that we show our support . . just as they are getting started with public worship, they have this happen.

It is discouraging, to say the least. But we know that evil will also be where God is at work.

On our first year anniversary, our trailers were broken into, and tens of thousands of dollars of equipment were stolen. Just uncanny resemblances to that . . . but I know Dero and our West Chruch UG team will lead through this.

Thank you for your help and support!