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Overcoming the Funk

We all get in “funks,” right? Where we see things with tainted eyes, distorting reality and we apply that colored lens into all that we do and see. I hear from some now that it seems it is easier to slip into a “funk” because of the prolonged ...

Led Where We Do Not Want To Go

The world we knew. . . where you'd see someone for the first time in a long time and not think twice about shaking their hand or giving them a hug. Or where we'd stand shoulder to shoulder at a sporting event or music concert (not to mention ...

Lessons from the cat about caring for others

It was a beautiful image . . . a tiny little runt piglet curled up next to a cat. When my son Andrew sent me that picture on Easter explaining that the little piglet was born the night before and was struggling to survive, I thought, "How ...

If I’d known then . . . We probably all have some room to grow in the approachability area

I’d never have dared to become her friend. I met Amy Coles at a conference that was geared towards learning to use technology in creative ways for ministry. (Who knew that seven years later it would be a deal-breaker if we DID NOT “get” that ...

The Holy Spirit WILL nudge about Toilet Paper

How many times in the past six weeks have you been on a quest for toilet paper? If you are like me, the answer is A LOT! Every single time I go to the grocery store I head to the paper products aisle first, hoping to see SOMETHING! Empty. Time

THAT was someone I needed to be friends with!

The first time we met we both purchased our beverages separately. It was a "first time guest" meeting of a gentleman who'd visited West once and he took me literally when I offered the opportunity to get to know more about West, faith, and how ...

Seeing IS really Believing!

Robertson Davis said, "The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend." Has anyone ever said to you, "You see what you want to see!" In my previous appointment one of my jobs was to do some introductory pastoral counseling with ...

The Violinist in the Parking Lot

It was an unlikely place for beautiful violin music. There was no concert hall, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, not even a school auditorium. It was a parking lot . . . the Food Lion parking lot in Troutman. You could see people pausing ...

Great lessons come from great pain.

None of us WANT to hurt. And as I’ve said before, I do think it is possible for someone’s heart to literally hurt as it is emotionally breaking. Richard Rohr writes about how the Franciscans were great catalysts in the world understanding the ...

Some words of hope for the strangest Easter ever!

Today is Holy Thursday. The evening Jesus ate the Passover Meal with his best friends. The night he went to the garden and agonized over what was yet to come. And a night spent in deep prayer. Over the past four weeks, we as a church have ...

“This is one of the most anxious times . . .”

In the past 48 hours I've heard so many share how they've been laid off, literally 6 people within a few short hours shared how for the first time ever they are filing for unemployment. While these are not normal "Holy Week" devotions, talking ...

What are you willing to push for?

It was so crowded, the day we went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem last year. Truly, you had to hold on to the shirt of the person in front of you at times to not be separated and get lost in the masses. We were guided to the ...



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