Does hearing that make your hair stand on end?

How do you receive hearing that you are wrong?

Whether working on something with someone or merely conversing about something, odds are when we hear, “You are wrong!” we have some negative reaction.

We would like to THINK that we’d be open-minded and receptive to hearing it, but truth is – human ego gets in our way.

This is not a new thing. People have wanted to be “right” for millennia.

It’s difficult for many to think about reading the Bible in a different way. It feels, well, wrong. Especially for those who have been taught for years that scripture is infallible, and who are we to question God?

Simply because you approach reading scripture in a new way does not mean

you are saying it is riddled with errors. It is about reading, processing, understanding, and within what realm one does that.

The Bible is not a news report written for a read and then literal application to one’s life. Think about it, the folks that were writing it had no idea that a few thousand years later, humanity would base one’s love/acceptance into society, much less the Kingdom of God, based on their words.

“The Bible deals with life’s greatest mysteries and humanity’s struggle to understand, flourish, and live in harmony with mystery. The key to unlocking the depths of the Bible is in awakening to the essence of Christ as revealed in Jesus. An accurate recognition of Christ corrects our distorted perception of God. It is essential that a person read the Bible through the lens of Christ, which requires an unwavering certitude in the qualities of the character of Jesus and the Spirit that animated his life.” (Heather Hamilton, 11).

Understanding, embracing, and then living out of an understanding of God is transformationally beautiful. It changes everything.

Grace and peace,


Returning to Eden, Heather Hamilton. Quoir, Chico, California. 2023.

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