What if Creation is exactly that. The Light being left on (given) for us.

Incarnation. We think of this word in the context of “God becoming flesh.”

Jesus was known to be God incarnate. And, that’s about as far as we’ve delved into the topic of incarnation.

“God is in Jesus.

Jesus died/resurrected, we have the Holy Spirit.

Good enough. I don’t need to understand anymore.”

But oh my gosh, there is SO MUCH MORE!

Because over thousands of years humanity has taken this understanding and limited the idea/person of Jesus.

We made Jesus a problem solver for sin and stopped there. We became “grateful spectators and admirers of what he once did.” Yet, in our admiration, we missed the whole point to “follow.” Which is what he asked others to do.

“Hey, admire me!” were never words out of his mouth.

Instead, the words were, “Follow me.” He even goes so far as to ask others to “abide” in him. Knowing that he was pointing them, inviting them to a life immersed and engulfed in Light.

For centuries we’ve tried to make the creation story a literal historical account of how the earth and beyond was creation.

It does not work. Scientifically it is proven that the earth is BILLONS of years old, not thousands as scripture would infer if it is taken literally.

So, what if we look at it differently?

What if in the creation story we see something more beautiful than a report of creation? What if we see the first “incarnation” . . . when God inhabits the earth, when God joins “in unity with the physical universe” and becomes the light inside of everything?

“Everything visible, without exception, is the outpouring of God.”

How amazing . . .

This could be Christianity’s unique contribution among the world religions, that long before Jesus personal incarnation, Christ (the anointing, the energy/presence of The Divine) was deeply embedded in all things.

Genesis sums it up.

“The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters and immediately the material universe became fully visible in its depths and meaning.” (Genesis 1:1)

This gives understanding to the statement, “God was, is, and always will be.”

It’s deep, right? (Well, for me it is). But, despite its depth, it is beautiful.

What if we embrace it and allow it to change us, to change who we are, how we act, and what/how we see?

Grace and Peace,


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