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Is seeing believing?

Sometimes in life, we face situations that cause us to question and doubt. We wonder if God exists and is good, then why does life end up working out the way that it does. We ask questions. “Where are you, God? Why am I having to walk this particular path of the journey?” We wait for answers. “Show yourself, God. If you love me, reveal yourself to me.”

Did you know that you hum?

Do you ever find yourself humming? You know, putting your lips together and with your mouth closed, making music sounds. According to Wikipedia, a hum is when a sound is made by producing a wordless tone with the mouth closed, so the sound is forced to emerge from the nose. It can also be called phonation or vibration.

Do you really have to ask “Where is Jesus?”

When Lexi Hernandez, the pastor of our Growth Co Campus (a faith community for 20 - 30-year-olds), walks into a room, you are drawn to her. Her energy and passion are contagious and if Lexi isn’t smiling, you know something is up. This week she walked into staff meeting and clearly, something was “off.” We begin every staff meeting discussing where we’ve seen God at work at West. When it was Lexi’s turn, she began to speak but quickly stopped and admitted she was processing/working through a bad experience in a previous meeting and was going to need a minute. In the safe space that the staff provides for one another, we asked her to share with us what had happened that upset her so much.

Sometimes letting go is the way that we gain.

It isn’t uncommon to have an “item” that we keep around us that brings us comfort. A “security” item like a favorite stuffed animal, a blanket, or a religious symbol like a cross, a scripture card, or a rosary. It’s presence calms our fears, makes us feel secure, and brings us joy.

Following Jesus Means Nothing?!

This week I was gifted with an anonymous letter. While I don’t give those any merit as far as “actions taken” - I do always read them to see what I can learn. 

The Paradoxical Nature of Being Taught Truths

There is one who wasn't paradoxical. . .

Beauty Found Among the Doubters

When Jesus was talking to his disciples, his friends, he was trying to prepare them for his departure. They were bewildered and there was one among them that just couldn’t refrain from speaking up when something wasn’t what it seemed or something did not make sense. 

Would You Be Willing to Take a Mapless Journey?

A Daily Lenten Devotion When Tom and I began dating, we quickly realized that although we had so much in common, our brains functioned in very different ways. His = logical, thoughtful, detailed, and one that finishes things. Mine = creative, ...

You Can Never Go Back to the Way It Used to Be

A Daily Lenten Devotion Can you think of a time that you were given freedom to do something you’d always really wanted to do and you LOVED it?? There was no going back to the way it used to be! When I first began my career in ministry 26 ...

“Why do you save what you save?”

Growing up I used to be mortified because two times a year my father would insist on going to Fort Bragg for grocery shopping. He was career military, serving in 3 wars, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and felt strongly that he should utilize the career military perks that came once he retired.
Simple Awareness  Leads to Acceptance

Simple Awareness Leads to Acceptance

A Daily Lenten Devotion Walter Joseph Ciszek was a Polish-American Jesuit priest of the Russian Greek Catholic Church who conducted clandestine missionary work in the Soviet Union between 1939 and 1963. Fifteen of these years were spent ...

Psychedelics and “In and Through”!

A Daily Lenten Devotion Anytime either of my children says, “it would mean a lot to me if you would . . .” So I am determined to investigate their request. Per my son's suggestion, I applied for a Johns Hopkins research study. He’d studied ...



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