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Which bucket do you fall into?

We all suffer from vulnerabilities. We are vulnerable to negativity that creeps into our lives. There are four different types (or buckets) of negativity that we are prone to. Sure, the temptation is for us to think that we aren’t really ...

Our thoughts are our most powerful driving force. How well would you fare in a driving test?

Last fall, one of my dearest friends lost his brother because of a careless driver. His brother was riding his road bike, and a driver wanted to pass him. On a double yellow line, the driver started going around, going approx 60 mph, when all ...

Just Another Manic Monday

It’s Monday. Does it ever feel like Monday comes knocking with all the enthusiasm as a snooze button on an alarm clock? Mondays have, for a while, gotten a bad rap. Ever heard the phrase, “It’s a Monday.” A day when it seems nothing ...

It’s easy to tear things apart!

In some of my readings this week, I read a blog written about Zechariah and how the journey he had was/is a lot like the post-pandemic church. During reading, I was struck by the words because they echo the sentiments many of us share/feel. ...

The Balmy 54 Degree Water

When Tom and I were in Michigan last September for his 70.3 Ironman, the weather took a rather sudden turn for “cold” (for triathlon standards).  His test swim in 54-degree water did not go as well as he had hoped. (Note: I can’t imagine ...

Who is really in charge here?

Years ago, prior to the launch of West, I had the opportunity to sit with the Bishop, the District Superintendent, the Director of Congregational Development, and a few other clergy folks. We were all around the table because we each brought ...

This stuff existed even 300 years ago…John Wesley even wrote about emotions!

John Wesley is the founding father of Methodism (of which West is proudly a part). John Wesley was an influential figure in Christian history, particularly known for founding the Methodist movement. Born on June 28, 1703, in Epworth, ...

They Canceled School for What?

Monday, the weather folks predicted extremely high winds and potentially dangerous conditions for Tuesday. In the line of public school work, there are folks who have to make difficult decisions about whether or not it is safe to have ...


"The spices are adding up." What I heard was, "How can you be so irresponsible with money? Why are there so many spices? If you were more responsible, there would not be so many spices in the spice comment. Why can't you do better? Be ...

Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn

Ten years ago yesterday, what started as an idea for people done with church/religion to have a safe space to encounter the transformational love of God, gave birth to the church of called West. And what a ride it has been. Just like any ...

Did you know we all have a chimp brain?

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the start to a new year! As we start a new year and pursue spiritual growth and personal transformation, Sunday we are going to dive into our new message series, "Taming the Chimp Within." "The ...

Thoughts from the week… 12/29/23

I hope you had a great Christmas and are looking ahead to the new year. Wherever you fall with resolutions, the new year is a time to intentionally think through how you want to refine who you are in the days ...



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