I hope this finds you well and enjoying the start to a new year!

As we start a new year and pursue spiritual growth and personal transformation, Sunday we are going to dive into our new message series, “Taming the Chimp Within.”

“The Chimp Paradox” by Dr. Steve Peters, offers invaluable insights into the complexities of the human mind and the battle between our emotional Chimp and our rational Human, a struggle that resonates deeply with our daily lives.

Remember the last time you reacted emotionally to something? For some of us, that happens OFTEN. For others, maybe not often but still something we do. Or – if you’re doing alright and NOT reacting emotionally, the best guess is you have to navigate others’ emotional responses towards you.

By delving into this psychological framework and interweaving it into spiritual, Jesus-like principles, you will be empowered with the tools to better understand yourself, cultivate emotional intelligence, and strengthen your faith.


And not only understand ourselves better, “The Chimp Paradox” provides a common language and framework for understanding one another’s struggles and triumphs in managing our inner selves. This shared knowledge can foster empathy, unity, and a safe space for individuals to seek help and grow in their faith journey together. By studying this paradigm, we not only strengthen our personal relationships but also build a stronger, more compassionate faith community that is better equipped to minister to one another and those beyond West who may be in need.

Over the next six weeks, you’ll have opportunities for intentional self-discovery, personal growth, and enhanced spiritual understanding. By engaging with this psychological framework, we empower ourselves and one another to navigate the complexities of our minds, align our thoughts and actions with biblical principles, and create a more supportive and empathetic church community.

This journey promises to deepen our faith, strengthen our bonds, and ultimately lead us toward a more authentic and transformative relationship with God.

Grace and Peace,