I hope you had a great Christmas and are looking ahead to the new year.
Wherever you fall with resolutions, the new year is a time to intentionally think through how you want to refine who you are in the days ahead.
Sunday, we will explore some of the principles uncovered in the Netflix series (which was also a book), “All the Light We Cannot See.” It’s a powerful story of a young woman who was blind and how she used her inner light to guide her through the darkness of WWII and the German occupation of France.
One of the lines articulated throughout the story is, “Everything has a voice. We just have to listen.” How true is that? So today, I ask you – what voice are you listening to? I hope it is one of positivity and hope instead of criticism and condemnation.
On another quick note, as I reflect on my past year and also look ahead, I want to say a HUGE “Thank you” for a great year for West!
Truly, we made a huge impact in our community and world.
Sunday you’ll receive a “year-end recap” of where we’ve been as a church and we will also share with you the great news of the generoisty campaign.
You responded so graciously and we are excited to adopt our proposed budget for 2024!
Wherever you celebrate your new year, I hope it is one that brings you joy and peace. Note, that doesn’t necessarily mean “easy.” But as followers of Jesus we know that even if it isn’t easy, it can still be filled with joy.
I look forward to sharing Sunday and New Year’s Eve with you!