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Collapsing the Distance

It happens in friendships. Years are spent together building closeness and unity, then life happens. Distance is created. Situations change. People move. Friendships grow apart. However, the transformational thing is that regardless of how ...

Just when you THINK you know all there is to know . . .

Lenten Devotion by Rev. Dr. Andrea Smith Friday, March 4, 2022 I invite you to call to your mind your relationships for a few minutes. Think of the people that hold a special place in your life.

“Is there a REAL Jesus?”

Lent Morning Meditation “Everyone just needs to believe in the real Jesus.” Have you ever heard that before? So what does that mean, the “real” Jesus? Who's definition of Real are we using? Nine out of ten Americans (not Christians, ...

Jesus In Jail! Who Did It?

Lent Morning Meditation When we have relationships with people, they offer us different perspectives at different times in our journey with them. During times of joy, they are voices of congratulations and “atta-girls” and “atta-boys.” When we ...

Continual Unprecedented Times

"Wouldn't it be great if we could say we were living in some precedented times for a few weeks?' quote from Twitter "These are unprecedented times . . ." How many times have we heard that over the past two years? There really aren't words ...

How are you willing to run to the rescue?

For the past four weeks, we’ve examined “difficult people” in our lives. We are trying to discern how best to navigate those relationships because, frankly, they are inevitable. I hope you found some practical ways to deal with these ...


Morning Meditation: Taking the High Road Some of our temperaments are geared towards finishing what we start. If we begin a project, we don’t stop until it is finished. Others of us tend to jump around from thing to thing. I don’t know if it ...

Sweeping It Under the Rug Is Never the Answer

Morning Meditation: Taking the High Road Years ago, we had a dog that, regardless of how many times he went outside to use the bathroom, LOVED using the bathroom on one particular rug. It was gross beyond measure. It was a tiny dog, so while ...

We Must Be Willing to Pay For It!

Morning Meditation: Taking the High Road Until 1996, the United States had never won a gold medal in Women’s Gymnastics. So entering those games, there was a tremendous amount of pressure on The US Women’s Gymnastics Team and one of the ...

“So, Now You Are Telling Me I Commit Murder?”

Morning Meditation: Taking the High Road Yesterday following in-person worship, that is a question I was asked. "So, now you are telling me that I commit murder? What a GREAT way to start my week!" We all laughed, but based on the scripture ...

When It Is All Said and Done

Morning Meditation: Revenge At some point - the dramas in our lives will end. Either the relationships will heal, they will cease to exist, or there will be some happy medium between the two, where we learn to tolerate one another because we ...

It’s Important to Let a Wound Heal.

Morning Meditation: Revenge My parents were convinced I’d be the only high school graduate still riding a bicycle with training wheels. I really could not master that skill. We lived on farmland in Roxboro, NC and paved driveways were not a ...



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