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Musing Meditation “Starry Eyed Dreams”

Starry Eyed Dreams It’s what we are taught, right? To think positively. To dream big. To pursue our dreams. To not settle.  So often in our day-to-day lives we’re inundated with advice to “think positively.”  Whether it is in our social media ...

It was a complete debacle!

It was a complete debacle! We REALLY tried. Typically - this is what a Sunday message looks like for me. But Sunday . . . the staff and I, in an attempt to keep you engaged with the message and in keeping with our core values, we wanted to ...

Musing Meditation “It’s a Learning Process”

It's a Learning Process One of the many ways God has been at work in my life over the past 1 ½ years is that my family has broadened. There are new relationships that my children and I are now included in. They have been ...

Fear is Paralyzing

About a month into Covid time a friend asked, "So . . . what are you going to do about Bash?" As soon as the world started changing rapidly around Covid quarantines, etc., honestly, one of the first things on my mind was the Bash. And as soon ...
Expectations- A Pathway to Anger?

Expectations- A Pathway to Anger?

In my previous appointment I would preach around every 8 - 12 weeks. After the worship service I'd stand "out back" and greet the folks as they'd leave (much like what West used to look like! Ha!) Since I didn't preach every week, I always ...

Have you asked them what makes them angry?

When is the last time you were angry with someone? A family member? Friend? Spouse/partner? Truth is, unless you have saints surrounding you daily, anger is a normal emotion to think/feel. We all have voices in our heads that push us to see ...

“It doesn’t suck to be _________”

“It doesn’t suck to be . . .” And fill in your name. Sunday afternoon I received a call from a friend I’ve not spoken with in a few months. The last time he called I was LITERALLY in the middle of a busted water pipe (that was my neighbor’s ...

The Most Impressive Thing May Not Be What We Think

There are two different kinds of stories . . . Stories “about” our lives and stories “from” our lives. Author Bob Goff writes, “Acquaintances will know us for what we’ve done. Friends will remember us for how we loved.” Conway Jolly, a ...

We Can’t Rewrite History- a Devotion on Racism

When is the last time you were tired? I don't mean you mowed the grass, sweated a little, and need a few minutes to regroup. I mean - just plain tired. Soul tired. Weary. Think of that time. Then, think about how respite came . . . what it ...

Being Uncomfortable

When is the last time you were uncomfortable? And why? Yesterday was a day of being uncomfortable. It started by listening to a podcast recommended by Rev. Amy Burton, who attended Wake Forest University as an undergrad. She knew Wendell ...

We need to think through “why?”

  It would behoove us all to wonder "why?" For three days I saw no media. It wasn't intentional, I just got busy with work and life and didn't do the social medial scroll/troll, didn't turn on NPR, and ...

How many frogs are there?

Sunday we showed you a clip from Cast Away starring Tom Hanks and Wilson, a volleyball. Hanks was stranded on a desert island in the South Pacific and all he had was some packages that survived the plane crash. One of the packages consisted of ...



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