We make things complicated.

Sure, there are situations in life that are complicated. But more often than not, when we find ourselves really wrestling with complicated situations, we have heaped complications into the situation instead of making conscious choices to free ourselves.

Human beings have a propensity to try to control things. It comes out of our fear of uncertainty and lack of ability or willingness to change and pivot. We want to know and feel that things are stable . . . dependable. And when they aren’t, it is in our innate nature to try to manipulate the situations so that they will be manageable again.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it actually is quite understandable. But it becomes bad when our need for control and manageability interferes with our ability to live out of peace and contentment.

“Relax.”  “Chill.”  “Enjoy the moment.”

When we are able to get to the place where we can trust that all will be well, even when all isn’t well, then we are able to live at one with God. How do we do that? How can that be more than just some “fluffy” words?

It’s called trust. Uncomplicated trust. Knowing that Love is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Love – aka God – never changes. And it isn’t complicated, it is actually quite simple. No agenda, no ego, no quid quo pro, no strings attached.

Simple love.

Something we humans just can’t quite wrap our heads around because we have this amazing tendency to make things more complicated.

Jesus of Nazareth offers us a friendship, a companionship, that is completely uncomplicated. We can trust it, rely on it, and live into it. Finding freedom and joy that is unimaginable. Try to experience that freedom today.