You find out there is more.

I invite you to call to your mind your relationships for a few minutes. Think of the people that hold a special place in your life.

A few years ago when Tom and I began dating, I’d be so happy as time would draw near for us to go on a date. Anticipation of spending time with him, getting to know him better always brought joy. Flash forward a few years. I guess I assumed that as time would pass, the “anticipation” of being with him would wane and life would become more routine.

Last week some of the staff had a planning and spiritual development retreat.

On the days the staff and I were working together trying to lay out the year for West, time flew! We simply did not have enough time to do all the things we wanted and needed to do.

But then when Thursday came, time crawled by. The staff were gone and I hung out alone. I couldn’t figure out why the day seemed so “blah”. Then I realized . . . I’d missed Tom and couldn’t wait for the day to pass so we could hang out together again. Even though we’ve known one another for a few years now, the anticipation of seeing him after being apart was prominent. There seems to always be new opportunities, new ways of growing together. Just when I think I know all there is to know, I learn and discover more.

I imagine you have relationships like that too. People that you are close to and you think you “know” them . . . but then one day they surprise you, you learn something new and develop an even deeper closeness than you had before.

The same is true with Jesus. And that’s our invitation to you this season of Lent. Discover him anew.

In every letter the Apostle Paul (formerly Saul) wrote to the churches he founded, he introduces them to Jesus. Different understandings and perspectives of Jesus for the different groups of people. Here are a few . . .

Gift-giving Savior

Egalitarian Radical

Wisdom of God

Merciful One

Light of the World

Joy of All Hearts

Mystical Insight

Deliverer from Sin and Guilt

Cosmic Vision

Word of God

We are invited into these understandings . . . which aspect of Jesus do you need to meet anew today?