Lent Morning Meditation

When we have relationships with people, they offer us different perspectives at different times in our journey with them. During times of joy, they are voices of congratulations and “atta-girls” and “atta-boys.” When we encounter obstacles, they remind us we can do it and encourage us not to give up. In times of pain and grief, they hold us up. And during “normal” seasons, they walk beside us, offering companionship in life. The beauty of our relationships is that they change and grow as we change and grow. And in the end, the lessons we learn and the transformation we experience are all tied to our willingness to be all in and for the ride.

Relationships play a vital role in shaping who we are, offering bits of definition throughout life.

Sometimes, however, relationships seem like they aren’t worth it.

Millions of people have physically left the church, no longer wanting a relationship with organized religion. Many others have left emotionally. Countless others are wondering if they should. Maybe you are one of those.

For centuries Christianity has failed, wounded, and betrayed the very people who follow it—communicating a message that is anything but grace. Instead, there are many rules, who is “out” and “in,” and ultimately who is right versus wrong. Religion as a whole has morphed and changed over the centuries to be a man-made construct rather than a dynamic, ongoing sacredly breathed movement.

The bottom line is Christianity, as the masses know it, in 2022 looks nothing like the movement begun by a radical from the middle east.

We’ve taken Jesus hostage.

It’s time that Jesus is freed.

What if we meet the Jesus of history and relate him to the Christ of faith? What could that mean for each of us?

Instead of rigid statements and absolutes about Jesus of Nazareth, you’ll have the opportunity to see with new eyes, love with newfound passion, and hear his powerful, transformational teachings in new offerings.

As the fathers and mothers of faith encountered Jesus in various forms and understandings, we can and will too. Jesus as a friend, a teacher, a savior, the Lord, the Way, and presence. The various engagements with Jesus will offer us new ways to grow and encounter faith. It has the potential and power to change everything.

Are you willing to unlock the handcuffs, throw preconceived ideas to the wind, and free Jesus today?