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You Can Never Go Back to the Way It Used to Be

A Daily Lenten Devotion Can you think of a time that you were given freedom to do something you’d always really wanted to do and you LOVED it?? There was no going back to the way it used to be! When I first began my career in ministry 26 ...

“Why do you save what you save?”

Growing up I used to be mortified because two times a year my father would insist on going to Fort Bragg for grocery shopping. He was career military, serving in 3 wars, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and felt strongly that he should utilize the career military perks that came once he retired.
Simple Awareness  Leads to Acceptance

Simple Awareness Leads to Acceptance

A Daily Lenten Devotion Walter Joseph Ciszek was a Polish-American Jesuit priest of the Russian Greek Catholic Church who conducted clandestine missionary work in the Soviet Union between 1939 and 1963. Fifteen of these years were spent ...

Psychedelics and “In and Through”!

A Daily Lenten Devotion Anytime either of my children says, “it would mean a lot to me if you would . . .” So I am determined to investigate their request. Per my son's suggestion, I applied for a Johns Hopkins research study. He’d studied ...

Saved “In” and Not “From”

Three years ago I had the opportunity to be in a clergy study led by Johns Hopkins University. It truly was one of the most transformative experiences of my entire life. Now, the study itself is a little controversial, so I am asking that you ...

Where is the tolerance and grace?

Sometimes it is pretty easy to "read a room." Especially if the room is an outdoor space, under a tent, with 400 eyes no more than 50 feet away in broad daylight. You can tell if things are going "well" or not. And the start of the conference ...

When It Clicks!

A Daily Lenten Devotion Imagine what it would be like to meet someone with no expectations around what meeting them would be like. There are no preset standards you have in your mind regarding them. It is simply a meeting of two people. Yet, ...

Have you ever had a horrible teacher??

A Daily Lenten Devotion Who is the worst teacher you ever had? I’m not sure I would have been able to understand Chemistry WITH a good teacher, but I would have at least had a fighting chance. Mr. Williams (fictitious name) was my Chemistry ...

Pinch Us!

As we've been in Uganda, things have been so "different" - I decided to put away the pre-written devotions and share with you some "God-things" that we never imagined. First, please know. West is very passionate about local missions, helping ...

What A Cluster …

Well, the e-news is a tad bit late because it has been QUITE a cluster trying to get to the airplane gate. This week has had not enough time and a few too many tasks :-). This trip has been "in the works" 4 different times . . . and today ...

6 AM Panera & Shoveling Cement

When the conference asked us to launch a campus of Williamson’s Chapel, we had no idea that it would ultimately give birth to a “legit” church. And even though we are a “church” - we prefer to reference West as a movement. A movement of community, real people doing real life and sharing God’s love in real ways. 

“Letting That S*%@ Go!”

Lent Morning Meditation Our perception of something is the way that we see it. And not just “see” like we look at it with our eyes and we see it. But REALLY “see” it. When we perceive something we truly regard it, paying attention to its many ...



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