Well, the e-news is a tad bit late because it has been QUITE a cluster trying to get to the airplane gate. This week has had not enough time and a few too many tasks :-). This trip has been “in the works” 4 different times . . . and today was/is FINALLY the day!

I had a call with a colleague/friend of mine this morning and it was so powerful to be able to share with him all the ways that God is at work in and through you at West.

Last week we needed AMPED boxes delivered . . . it saves us a LOT of money and heartache at the post office. We were short a few volunteers so Layne sent out a text asking if anyone could help. Within an hour we had 17 volunteers. So many that we had to ask a few if they would be willing to wait til next time.

Then, 3 days ago we asked if anyone had baby clothes. We ended up with so many we saved two boxes to take next time.

You keep showing up . . . and every time you show up, you embody God. Just like Jesus did . . . he came and showed us the heart of God and now, mirroring the way he loved, we have the opportunity to do the same. And you just keep showing up every time!

We were beginning to wonder if we were going to make the trip this time. Dawn, Lindsay, Caroline, and I had the appropriate Visa, tickets, negative Covid test . . . or so we thought. Then the amazing (and I really mean that, she was amazing) gate agent told us our test would NOT get us into Uganda. We had the antigen test and needed the PCR test. The 4 of us piled in the back of a Honda Accord and away we went. Luckily, literally for the first time in my life, I was early for something. So we actually had a few hours to spare.

We are here now . . . quietly sitting in our seats awaiting the adventure.

The irony of it all???

As I was sitting here pulling up my email, I received one from Shutterfly. “Check out this memory from 11 years ago.”

I was curious why I’d have Shutterfly memories for the 11th of March, I couldn’t remember it being a significant photo op day (other than it is Pam Rossell’s birthday (Pam serves on staff and keeps us financially grounded!!!!!!)

There we were . . . folks from West and Williamson’s Chapel, at Pastor Geoffrey’s church in Nebbi, Uganda. It was our first trip when we accompanied Samaritan’s Feet on a scouting trip because our India trip was canceled.

It began the most beautiful partnership . . . we were instrumental in walking alongside Geoffrey in building pod houses, getting Acres of Hope certified by the government, and helping him find the right non-profit arm to begin the child sponsorship ministry.

Now they are self-sustaining, we continue to help with various projects and sponsor children, and we begin a new chapter with a young man and the launch team that we’ve been vetting for two years.

Our world is big. God (Love) is bigger. It encompasses everything. So despite the cluster of wrong COVID tests, 3 previously canceled trips, we are ready to see where God leads. Thank you for your support, not just of this. But of all the ways that we try to love others in the world.