A Daily Lenten Devotion

Imagine what it would be like to meet someone with no expectations around what meeting them would be like. There are no preset standards you have in your mind regarding them. It is simply a meeting of two people.

Yet, when you meet them, something “clicks,” and you think, “Wow, this could be something extraordinary! How unique they are! And being in their presence makes me a better person . . . I want to know more . . .”

You’re having dinner at Epic Chophouse, and because of intimate seating arrangements, you strike up a conversation with a gentleman at the neighboring table. What starts as a few nice “hello’s” and generalities turns into intimate conversation, revealing his nature and heart in just a short amount of time.

You find out his occupation is “motivational speaker” . . . giving insight and tips to see how you can become the best that you’ve been created to be. You get his email address, cell number, and website, where he posts daily motivational ideas. There’s no physical address because he travels frequently, but you jot down some upcoming speaking engagements where he will be sharing some of his truths.

A few months later, you hear him speak.

There is a pure electric energy in the room flowing in and through all the people. While there are a few naysayers in the crowd, the majority of the people hang on to his words. He gives insight into how one finds one’s purpose strength and how one truly experiences life and does so abundantly.

You want to know more. You begin to follow him indeed. His words, his actions, his beliefs . . . they become your teacher. He is your teacher.

Over 2000 years ago, that man was Jesus.

The location was not at Epic Chophouse Jerusalem. But more around the dinner table of the people scorned by others. Sure, his words captured them, but my best guess is it was more than just his words. Maybe the gentle way he spoke, the frankness of his words, speaking the truth but doing so in love.

His whole being caused others to follow him, to make him their teacher. Then, they started living as he lived, and a true revolution occurred.

If someone were to encounter you or me, would they want us to become their teacher of finding fulfillment in life?

The revolution can continue.