Lent Morning Meditation

Our perception of something is the way that we see it. And not just “see” like we look at it with our eyes and we see it. But REALLY “see” it.

When we perceive something we truly regard it, paying attention to its many facets. We interpret any meaning attached to it, and we gain understanding.

We have perceptions of many things. The danger comes when our perceptions are static because life is ever-changing, evolving. As we grow in age, our abilities to understand things in deeper, more comprehensive ways change as well. If our perceptions are static, we lock ourselves into a very limited view and understanding of life and all that it offers.

This applies to religion. When we are introduced to faith, we have a perception, an understanding. But faith is not static. It evolves as we grow and journey. Therefore, it is ok, not just ok, it is actually good to have perceptions that are changing.

Today we are challenged to change our perception around the idea of vulnerability.

We don’t like being vulnerable with others because it allows us to be hurt. That hurt comes in many forms, rejection, isolation, betrayal. But the power that comes in vulnerability is called connection.

To experience the beauty of a friendship with God, we need a connection with that presence. In order to get the connection, we must first be vulnerable. We are neurobiologically wired for connection, and we can find this connection with one another and also with The Divine that lives in each of us. But to have that, we must be vulnerable.

One of the amazing gifts of Jesus is the mutual vulnerability that is offered. As we read of his life, his relationships, his teachings, we never see that he was “on a pedestal” somewhere, separated from the people. Instead, he was right in the thick of it. Living and loving in mundane, ordinary situations. Situations like you and I face today. And as we face them, if we offer our thoughts and prayers through mutual vulnerability, the connection we will have with God is one that will sustain us through all things.

What is keeping you from being vulnerable today? Admit the crap you are holding onto . . . and see if that doesn’t open your life up to experiencing peace and freedom in new ways.