Everyone struggles with things . . . and it is honestly ok if one of those “things” is scripture! God’s big enough to love us through our struggles. And, I daresay that struggling will allow us to come out on the other side with a healthy, strong understanding and relationship with the Divine.

Sunday, in the message I asked folks to share with me some of the biblical/faith issues they struggle with. Interestingly, many put the same things.

Below are areas where people struggle. I invite you to read through these and know that we are all in this together . . . building community as we explore what it means to know and follow Jesus.

Take comfort in the fact that you are not struggling alone.

Over the next four weeks (and beyond), we will talk about these issues. If others “pop up” for you, or you know things your friends are wrestling with, please don’t hesitate to reach out/let me know!

Grace and Peace,


Things We Struggle With

Men using God’s name to kill others.

The Abraham/Isaac Sacrifice story.

God will allow people to “burn in hell”

Creation Story – One man/One woman, women as lesser than w/ men

So many different denominations/versions of Christianity, are they “wrong”

What do we need to do to “get into heaven”

Do we have to audibly ask God to be in our lives?

Jesus and Mary Magdalene – Friends? Lovers? Partners?

Mary and Virgin Birth

Hell – is it on earth while alive?

Evangelical dogmatic Christian beliefs

The unkindness of “Christians” towards one another – how is that Christ like?

Time – the variance of our construct of time vs the biblical understanding

Accuracy of carbon dating

The creation story vs evolution

Some of the miracle stories – water into wine, the virgin birth, healing the blind

Sarah and Abraham/having baby

Issue of homosexuality – using scripture as a defense

The flood story