Happy Friday.

Instead of words today, I am including the link for the message from Ash Wednesday.

Because of technical difficulties followed by crappy life difficulties, you didn’t get this Wednesday or yesterday. So . . . . here it is. I apologize for it being a few days late. Hopefully the meaning will still be relevant.

One more thing – THANK YOU for the ways you supported Pancakes for Gladys. West received almost $6000. We will easily be able to support the four children we sponsor over the next year. Your generosity is appreciated!!!! Really, more than you know!

Sunday, we are going to talk about the Kingdom of God.

How Jesus was the ultimate “Dirty Influencer” . . . he was never afraid to get down in the muck and get dirty. In his doing so, he showed us what life really is.

A dear friend reminded me recently as I was talking about my own sadness and grief, “That Kingdom you are going to talk about on Sunday, just don’t forget it lies in you, too.”

I needed that reminder this week. Maybe many of us do.

I look forward to sharing with you about this amazing Kingdom Sunday.

Grace and Peace,