Happy Friday!

I hope you had a great 4th and were able to spend time with friends and/or family! I suspect freedom is something we all take for granted on some scale. Yes, we have a long way to go in many areas in our country, fighting the “isms” and social justice issues that abound. However, we are quite fortunate in ways we can’t even imagine unless we go where freedom is not a given. If you have a friend or family member that has served in our military, please tell them “thank you.” It’s a costly calling that gives us precious privileges.

Last week we sent a survey asking for your feedback regarding our “I Spy” series.

THANK YOU for using the survey to communicate the things that are important to you at West!

By completing the survey, you continued to be the church that I know you to be.

Kind, considerate, compassionate, and empathetic to all those who work so diligently to make West happen.

Rather than blast a staff person on a Sunday morning, you use appropriate means to share your ideas, concerns, and suggestions.

Funny and true story – back in my associate pastor days, there were some Sundays that the senior pastor and I would literally take turns having each other’s back. Folks were angry about the new sanctuary that was being built and would use the time after worship to express their “personal” desires and STRONG opinions. We literally would tag team the greeting time so that we wouldn’t be blasted. It was tough getting blasted and fielding personal complaints immediately after opening one’s heart and preaching. That requires great vulnerability, so thank you for honoring that time after worship and not offering complaints but instead using appropriate means to offer suggestions and feedback.

Thank you for utilizing tools like the survey to express your appreciation, your desires, and concerns in an appropriate fashion!

A few things came from the survey!

You really want a music concert from our worship team. That’s coming at the end of July! They are diligently working on this experience for you! We are so lucky they lead us in worship!

You are ok not to play “I Spy” again. 😉

It was one of those things that in my brain, sounded like a good idea, but in reality, not so much. Ha!

You are ok with some “normal” stuff.

Perhaps going to other locations is not something you are craving on a Sunday.

So . . . we will celebrate West’s birthday in September with a worship service by the lake (more details coming later). But other than that and the No Huddles Day before Bash, we are going to hang out at the high school for the rest of the summer.

And lastly, you’d like some modern Christian music interwoven with other things we sing. Things you might be familiar with . . . so . . . . on Monday, you will receive an email with a playlist of “popular” songs we sing at West. Uplifting spiritual songs to help you get through the day! You can download that playlist and listen away!

SUNDAY, we are going to start a new series, “At the Movies.”

We will explore spiritual lessons and biblical truths through the lens of some of your favorite films. In this unique series, we will delve into the captivating narratives and compelling characters of popular movies to uncover deep insights that resonate with our faith journey.

This Sunday we are going to worship through song and then watch The Peanut Butter Falcon.

It’s 1 hour and 33 minutes, PG-13.

Then, on Sunday, July 16 the message will be exploring its themes, characters, and plotlines to draw parallels with our own lives and the timeless truths found in holy scripture.

Wear comfy clothes and get ready to enjoy some snacks as we experience this movie together.

I look forward to being in worship with you Sunday!

And . . . please don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up to serve at Bash, now is the time!

Click here to sign up to serve at Bash!

Thanks for all you do for the community of people that surrounds us!

Here’s to a great rest of summer!

Grace and Peace,