Over the years with West folks, I’ve not hidden the times I’ve screwed up. Certainly, there are plenty to choose from, but a significant regret of mine is cheating in high school. Geometry and Chemistry. Those two things alluded to me.

Cheating did not get me on the honor roll by any stretch, it kept me from failing. I think I landed a C in both of those classes. The problem with cheating is that we don’t learn the material, and when we need the knowledge later, it isn’t available to rely on.

Today, this Thanksgiving, we may get really good at some math.

Regardless of where we find ourselves, there is SOMETHING to be thankful for. It is up to us to find it.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus offered “beatitudes.”

Another word for blessings.

In doing so, he pointed out that blessings come in ways we may never imagine.

Through poverty, meekness, searching for meaning in life, sadness and death.

“Blessed are those who . . .” also translates to “oh the joy of those who . . .”

Today, everyone finds themselves at a different place in their journey. Some with hearts full of complete joy and happiness, while others are marked by sadness with loss. Some with the assurance of clear pathways in life. Others with hearts burdened by the unknown.

“The hardest arithmetic for us to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” -Eric Hoffer

May today we all get good at math. No cheating! And in all things, find ways and words to give thanks.

On behalf of the entire staff team, we express our gratitude to and for you!

May God grant you peace, joy, and contentment today and all your days!

Grace and Peace,

Andrea, Brad, Dawn, Gary, Jason, Josh, Layne, Lexi, Martin, and Pam