This week at the Country Music Awards Cody Johnson won his first CMA for the music video, “Til You Can’t.”

Perhaps it is so popular right now because of the message it carries. A message that can resonate with each of us.

Even if you don’t like country music, take a few minutes and watch/listen to this video/song.

Video for “Til You Can’t”

Here’s the chorus:

If you got a chance, take it, take it while you got a chance

If you got a dream, chase it, ’cause a dream won’t chase you back

If you’re gonna love somebody

Hold ’em as long and as strong and as close as you can

‘Til you can’t.

Last week in worship we began talking about our fear of commitment. We live in a culture of YOLO – you only live once. Yet, we also have FOMO – fear of missing out. Those two things make a pretty scary combination . . . and lead us to often suffer from decision paralysis. We can’t decide what to do because there are so many things we CAN do, we do nothing.

That leads to lives of unsettledness and unhappiness.

There is, however, an alternative.

We become “long haul heroes.”

We commit to something. We go “all in” instead of keep one foot in, one foot out.

When we commit, transformation happens. Not just to what we commit to but within us.

Jesus was a long haul hero. He knew what he was about and he pursued it. When it was fun, easy, and meaningful. Also, when it cost him everything.

Just a small point . . . it is when it cost him everything that he also received everything (the resurrection and the life into the eternal). Perhaps that is a lesson for all of us? Things that are costly provide the biggest transformation and joy.