Sometimes in life, we face situations that cause us to question and doubt. We wonder if God exists and is good, then why does life end up working out the way that it does.

We ask questions. “Where are you, God? Why am I having to walk this particular path of the journey?”

We wait for answers.

“Show yourself, God. If you love me, reveal yourself to me.”

We think that when we finally are able to “see” – – – then we will believe that all will be well. But we aren’t ready to believe that until we actually can “see” the path ahead.

What if we take a whole different way of looking at things?

What if instead of seeing is believing, we begin to accept that believing enables us to see.

What if we believe that Love wins?

What if we believe that the worst things are never the last things?

What if we believe that whatever circumstances we encounter, the Presence will give us what we need to go IN and THROUGH rather than be held captive by the difficult things?

If we believe those things – then we WILL be able to see.

Believing is seeing. On this Holy Thursday, as we remember the night in which those closest to Jesus witnessed the beginning of the most horrific of things, let us also remember that they had to CHOOSE to see.

They had to stop, take inventory of where their heads and hearts were . . . all those things he’d taught them, the messages of love, of hope, of peace . . . they were still there. And still true. They simply had to see.

What do you need to see on this Holy Thursday?