The Gift From an Anonymous Letter. . .

This week I was gifted with an anonymous letter. While I don’t give those any merit as far as “actions taken” – I do always read them to see what I can learn.

This one was addressing my theological understanding (or from their perspective, my lack thereof). It was quite lengthy, single-spaced handwritten on a very pretty piece of paper with a nice little white cross at the top with light radiating around it. LOTS of underlined words, lots of bible verses listed, and LOTS of WORDS with ALL capital LETTERS. While I haven’t taken the time to actually look the 12+ scripture verses up, the simple fact that there is one from Leviticus made me smile. That’s always my “go to” book in the Hebrew Scriptures when I’m trying to understand the nature of God. (Sarcasm)

I don’t understand why someone would take the time to write that, go to the trouble to send it from Colorado, learn my phrasing and statements so much so that they nail a few of my exact words and NOT take the time to sign their name. If you believe something so passionately, shouldn’t you be ok to own it?

I’ll confess . . .I’ve watched one too many Criminal Minds episodes where people send cryptic messages by capitalizing certain words, letters, etc. so I did spend some time trying to make sure no one was telling me they were going to try to kill me. I think I’m ok.

Even though the author and I approach faith, God, Jesus, and the understanding of the Trinity differently, I appreciate their passion (no sarcasm here, I really do appreciate their passion). I also am glad they care about the condition of my soul so much that they urge me to repent.

There were two sentences, however, that I have ruminated on all week and on this Friday before Palm Sunday, I felt them relevant to share.

The author wrote, “Following Jesus is nothing. You need to go to the foot of the cross.”

Oh, how I disagree.

Following Jesus is everything. EVERYTHING!

In fact, it’s always my hope that I and those around me follow Jesus SO CLOSELY that we can feel the dust from his sandals brushing up against our faces.

Regarding my need to go to the foot of the cross.

Absolutely . . . but I sure as heck better go a little more than just to the foot of it.

If I am professing that my entire life has been devoted to teaching in the ways that lead to Life, I better do more than go to the foot of it. I better get my human self on up there with him. Death to self, dying before we die; it is a real thing.

That is salvation.

I miss the mark many times . . . but it is the mark I aim for. I want to be like Jesus, I want to be the Jesus that other people see. I hope as we prepare to go through Holy Week you will join me.

Looking fOrward to haVing communion with you this wEekend. And may we aLl WAlk in the waYS WhIch iNSpires life!!!!