Three things I want to share with you today!

  1. Use your sacrifices or dedication to pay it forward in the lives of others

  2. Uganda Campus

  3. Golf Tournament to support Growth Co & Uganda Campus

It’s mid-way through Lent. Let’s use our sacrifices to pay it forward!

Lent is the six weeks leading up to Easter! We ask that folks “give up something” or “take on something” with intentionality and mindfulness. Thus, reflecting on one’s walk with Christ as one faces the temptations to break their Lenten habit.

Personally, I took on intentional exercise and drinking 64 oz of water a day.

I am beginning to feel like a trout and that I may start floating in the Lake with all the water, but supposedly it is much healthier than Diet Mtn. Dew.

If you didn’t give up or take on something, what if you do so these last 3 weeks before Easter?

Then, the money you save by giving it up, the Missions Team is asking that you donate it to either UMCOR (the United Methodist Commission on Relief) or P.A.T.H. House (a part of Fifth Street Ministries that provides assistance to the homeless).


Give up your Starbucks Habit

$5 coffee @ 3 times per week = $15 a week x 6 weeks = $90


$10 @ 4 drinks per week = $40 a week x 6 weeks = $240


Give it a monetary amount equivalent to what you think the sacrifice is worth

$1 a day x 42 days = $42

You get the drift!

Your sacrifices or dedication will help bring healing to the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey/Syria and hope to the homeless in Iredell County.

Ways to contribute:

  • Give online by clicking here (choose Missions)

  • Text a dollar amount to 84321

  • Mail a check to West UMC, PO Box 5077, Mooresville, NC 28117 (note Lent in the memo)

  • Give on Sunday morning at the High School

Learn more about our United Methodist response to help the earthquake victims by watching the video (click here).

Scroll to the end of this video to learn more about PATH House.

Uganda Campus:

Our leaders in Uganda have been really making headway into a public launch of West Church Uganda Campus. A solid leadership team has been formed of both the initial young men with the vision and now 20 leaders from the community and their children.

We need to be on the ground to help lay out the launch plan, the budget and meet the people. Because the cost of tickets are a hindrance to “jetting over” we watch the prices weekly to see when a trip would best happen.

Typically tickets are anywhere from $2k – $3000. But for some unknown and shocking reason, this week when I looked there was a window to travel for $1150. So . . . Wednesday, I’ll be traveling to Uganda and will return Monday evening. I trust Dero, Prosper, and Blaise with my life (quite literally – ha), so I am traveling alone. It is important that we finalize our strategic plan, and it is too difficult to do over Zoom because of language barriers, internet connections (and lack thereof), etc. Please keep us in your prayers next week, and I’ll keep you posted of what is happening.

Golf Tournament:

Funding our two new campuses (Uganda and Growth Co) allows us to see church financing differently. We have started a non-profit to work with Growth Co and the self-sustaining part of our Uganda Team (they are teaching the women/men in Kigumba to make jewelry to sell for self-sustainability).

We have a golf tournament to fund these campuses.

We need sponsors, prizes, and players!

Date: May 25th, 1 pm, Shotgun Start

Cost: $100 per player, and mulligans are included!

Sign-ups will be available next week!

Thanks for all you do to share the Light of God and Love with all people!

Sunday, we will begin our conversation on Healing and Miracles!

Until then!