Learning to See

Hidden Figures tells the story of Katherin Jonson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson – brilliant African-American women working at NASA who served as the brains behind the launch into orbit of John Glenn.

This ultimately turned around the space race. This trio crossed all gender and racial lines and inspired all people.

Inspired them to what?

Speak up. 

Be true to who you are. 

Claim your gifts. 

Own your stuff (meaning, own the crap you need to do differently).

Be seen. 

Yesterday in worship, we talked about “The Outcasts” and how Jesus loved everyone. This week we will be reflecting on the teaching points of the passage of Luke 7.

Click here if you’d like to read the story told from the perspective of Luke. 

In the story, a woman crashes the party. Some religious leaders had invited Jesus to a dinner party. During their meal, a prostitute walks in and, while weeping, pours her offering on Jesus’ feet and washes them with her ointment and tears.

People were mortified, especially the “religious” people.

How could he let someone like her touch him?

Because Jesus did something the rest of them really struggled with.

He could see.

Yeah, they all had “visual sight,” . . . but just because they could literally see, they seemed to have a very difficult time REALLY seeing. Looking at the person as a human being, a person of sacred worth. All they saw were the rules broken and what they were doing wrong.

Jesus called them out. “Simon, do you see this woman?”

Do you really, truly see?

The scene from Hidden Figures is a great example of what it takes for someone to be seen.

I invite you to take a minute and watch it (Click here).

Who do you need to see? 

“Let all that you do be done in love.”

(1 Corinthians 16:14).

Watch the message about “The Twists and Turns of Love Giving It’s All” from Sunday, March 5, by clicking here.