Honestly, we show up for what we are committed to.

Last Sunday, I was driving home around 1:30 pm.

I drive by 2 churches on my way home, and frankly, there’s been more than one occasion I have had “church envy.” Parking lot w/ lots of cars (which hold people), a nice sign that can be changed with a few clicks on a keyboard or phone, beautiful spacious building, and property . . . they seem to have it all. Thus, my temptation is to be envious.

I was struck by the fact that cars were pouring into the church’s parking lot on Sunday afternoon. So many cars that I had to stop for a few minutes because at least four cars in front of me had turned in.

I thought, “It’s 1:30; I bet they have a Celebration of Life service for someone this afternoon, and folks are showing up for that.”

Then I remembered that Sunday was their “vote.”

There was a churchwide vote on a theological issue relating to the future of their congregation. And people showed up in droves.

It reminded me of when I experienced a “church-wide vote” when I was on staff at the first church I served.

They were voting on whether or not to allow Smart Start to fund a childcare facility using their building. Smart Start would completely renovate its facility to be child-friendly for a daycare. It was already their “children’s wing” so it would not damage any property, only benefit it.

I will be hard-pressed to forget how that church vote went.

I’d never heard this lady speak in the four years I’d been a part of that church staff. But that day, she stood proud and proclaimed, “I will never support something that is going to let those little Laotian children in here.”

Applause erupted.

Isn’t church a beautiful place sometimes? Ha.

The vote was 52% against and 48% for, so there was no daycare. So many folks were wounded during that entire process. Church votes are typically not pretty, and in the UMC, if it is ever a “church vote,” you can rest assured it is a big deal.

I texted a friend who also happened to be a clergy member and said, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if the line was out the door for something other than a political stance?”

All this week, I’ve ruminated on that . . . what do we show up for?

In doing so, I realized that there should be no “church envy” because you DO show up!!!! For things that benefit the community and world! So please, hear, on behalf of the staff and leaders, our “THANK YOU!”

You show up, and you do it for the things that matter.

  • Bringing backpack food for students at our local elementary school and high school

  • Hosting huge events for the community on Halloween and Easter

  • Driving AMPED boxes to kids every month to help the church save on postage

  • Attend worship either in-person, online live-streaming, or listening on-demand

  • Sponsoring kids at Acres of Hop

  • Supporting our Uganda Campus

  • Supporting our young adult campus Growth Co

  • Sending love to the college students through care packages

  • Being a part of the Golf Group, Yoga Church, Crafted Conversations

  • Supporting SOUL Creations


Thanks for being people who show up!

Our missions steering team met Sunday to evaluate, brainstorm, and vision the future! They are excited to share that info with you, and we will do so here next Friday. Then, we also want to know WHAT missions you are passionate about. Please be thinking about that!

I hope your conclusion this week after meditating on temptations is knowing we can withstand temptation with enough intentionality. The power to withstand comes from within.