Yesterday we talked about healing.

A difficult and quite heavy topic, right?


What is it?

Why do some get a miracle of physical healing, and it seems that others don’t?

And healing is much more than only physical.

It is also mental. Spiritual. And emotional.

Ever felt like your heart needed to heal?

As you know (I hope), we have a campus in Kigumba, Uganda.

This differs greatly from Acres of Hope, a missional partner we’ve been engaged with since West began.

This is a literal campus, a church.

They gather on Saturdays and offer music and a message, offer children’s worship, and offer pathways to discipleship for the people in Kigumba.

Dero, Blaise, and Prosper (along w/ the other leaders) are trying to create a missional campus that is always looking to give more than they receive.

On our previous visit, I had the opportunity to meet some of the individuals that attend West Church Uganda. They didn’t arrive in 4 Runners, Mustangs, BMWs, or even bicycles. They walked. Some – for miles.

Quarterly West Church Uganda goes to the local hospital and visits the parents (mostly moms) of the children in the Neo-Natal ICU. While there, as part of their service/outreach, they clean the neo-natal ward and give the hospital staff and parents diapers and other needed items.

This morning in my prayer time, I was wrestling with the idea that it must be so difficult for them to go and give what they don’t even have for themselves.

I can’t imagine going and giving something away that honestly, I’d desperately love to have for my very own. And we aren’t talking about vacation weeks at a resort. We are talking about basic necessities of life.

Food. Diapers. Baby Food. Formula.

Would we be willing to give stuff away if we needed it for ourselves?

Not want – but need.

I would struggle, to be honest. If I could even do it at all.

Ironically as I was praying about that, Dero was communicating with me that he’d been wrestling with that with his leadership team. The people of West Church UG have so many basic needs for themselves, it seems hard to ask them to go “give” that which they don’t have.

So, instead of taking some of the technology that I had planned, I will be taking necessities for the folks of West Campus. Hoping that because someone loved them enough to care for them, they, in turn, could find it a little less painful to go and give.

We can help provide hope and healing for them as they go and provide hope and healing for the staff, moms and infants of the local hospital.

Yesterday many of you asked how you can help. Since we are short on time, there are a few concrete ways.

  1. Purchase diapers, baby bottles, baby blankets

  2. Sterile Gloves (like you’d wear in a hospital)

  3. Contribute financially and we will purchase the items while I am there

Click here to give securely.

Choose “Pastor’s Discretionary.”

Or Text a dollar amount to 84321

Or – if you want to give but do not like to do so digitally, email me, let me know the amount so I can use that in my planning, and mail a check to

PO Box 5077

Mooresville, NC 28117

Thanks for loving the folks in Uganda just as you love the folks here In our local community.

We are all helping heal as we heal!