When Jesus encountered the man who had many demons within him (“Legion”), he tried first with a command, then by naming the demons because if they were named, then supposedly the case would be broken.

Yet the demons’ hold on this man was so intense that Jesus saw there was only one way to cure him.

Unanswerable demonstration.

The man needed deliverance, whether from literal demon possessions or powerful delusions. He was consumed by them and needed to be set free.

Thus, the demons were cast into the pigs, sending them over the cliff.

They were gone. Completely.

The beauty of the story is not only the power of Jesus/Light to overcome Evil/Darkness.

The beauty of the story is in the way that Jesus saw what he needed and delivered.

There’s no rebuttal. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Irrefutable love was demonstrated and given unconditionally.

Isn’t that powerful? Irrefutable love?

It wasn’t just for that man fighting his demons.

It is for each of us today.

What is your demon telling you?

That you aren’t enough?

That you need a physical substance to help you cope with pain/trauma – alcohol, a drug, food . . .

That you will never be that which you desire to be?

So many demons run rampant in our minds that it is easy to succumb to their negativity and pain.

But we have the opportunity to have our own unanswerable demonstration.

Claim the power that lies within us in the name of Christ.

That irrefutable love will provide us with our own unanswerable demonstration if we allow it to “be.”