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Exploring the Four Temperaments


Our mouths get us into trouble. We can be in the best place in our relationships and BAM! We say the wrong things or what we said is misconstrued. Our mouths make messes but they don’t have to. In this message series we will explore our temperaments, what our strengths and growth areas are, and how we can all learn to communicate better so that our relationships are as great as they can be!


Have you ever felt the sting of a careless comment from someone in your midst? Maybe you’ve said somethings you wish you could take back! As soon as the words came out of your mouth, you regretted saying them.

Not only do our words shape our lives, they also shape other people’s lives too!

Every day – with every word, we either help others or hurt them.

We build them up or tear them down.

Think about that for a second and let it sink in . . .

With every word we say, we either help someone or we hurt them.

We are uniquely wired to both say and hear certain words! It’s our “temperament” – our innate wiring, what we are predisposed to. Through this series we explore the four temperaments – how we speak and hear words in our lives.

By the end of this series you will know:

  1. The words you need to hear from others
  2. The words your loved ones need to hear from you
  3. The words you use most likely as weapons
  4. The words that will wound your loved ones.

This will be a game-changer of a message series and will impact you positively in all the relationships in your life!

This study is based off the book, “I Said This, You Heard That” by psychologist Kathleen Edelman. Our spiritual focus is the verse by the Apostle Paul to a church he founded in Ephesus, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” Ephesians 4:29


Four temperament types.
Our temperaments tell us about how we are wired. Why we say things the way that we do.
Take a look at your temperament. Recognize that this drives our words and communication.
Yellow – Sanguines (People-oriented)
Use words geared around people and fun.
Aspects that describe this temperament are: creative, inspiring, and encouraging.
Red – Cholerics (Task-oriented)
Use words geared around power and control.
Aspects that describe this temperament are: motivated, great at delegation, and quick in an emergency.
Green – Phlegmatics (People-oriented)
Use words geared around being calm and harmonious in all things.
Aspects that describe this temperament are: Great mediators, great listeners, and always seeking peace.
Blue – Melancholics (Task-oriented)
Use words geared around being logical and analytical. Always seeking order and perfection.
Aspects that describe this temperament are: Helpful in solving problems and are never in a chaotic state.
The way we are wired not only colors the way we speak to others, it colors what we need from others when they speak to us.

    Strengths and Weaknesses of the Temperaments

    Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of our temperaments and the strengths and weaknesses of those we are in relationships with will help us understand one another and have stronger, more life-giving relationships.