There are no neutral words.
Words shape things that come into being . . .
The Christian scriptures tell us the universe began with a word. God spoke, and it came into being. (There is science in all this, by the way. But that is another message for a different day!)
We have the power to bless, to curse and to shape the lives of the people around us all with the power of the spoken or written word.
The question becomes then, what kind of relationships and what kind of world are we creating with the words we are speaking?
This Sunday I had planned for us to dive into the strengths and weaknesses of our temperaments. But we are going to pause on that for a week and talk about the power of our words in the culture we find ourselves in right now – this very minute!
Now is the time that our words matter so much!
Are we using them to help and heal, bring life to people and positive situations or are we using them to wound, fill the space with anger, harm, and hate.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday! Until then . . . may we use our words to be a people of and bring about a space and culture of peace.