Choose the ONE description you must naturally identify with.

Ask yourself: Am I someone who (is)...

Question 1
a. Ready to jump into new tasks, energized by challenges
b. Agreeable, easy to get along with
c. Sensitive to the emotions of others
d. Excitable, passionate, quick to say yes
Question 2
a. Motivated to achieve goals, eager to be the leader
b. Energetic, lively, exhibits love and affection openly
c. Logical, gathers facts and data, likes lists
d. Flexible, able to adjust to new conditions, calm in the midst of chaos
Question 3
a. Avoids conflict and drama, levelheaded
b. Fun to be around, a good storyteller with a sense of humor
c. Self-motivated, usually right
d. Careful, thoughtful, doesn't rush into things
Question 4
a. Upbeat, always sees the best in people and situations
b. Detail-oriented, orderly, tidy
c. Confident and assertive with my opinion
d. Cooperative, open to the needs and ideas of others
Question 5
a. A determined problem solver, finds a way to get it done
b. Playful, spontaneous, lives in the moment
c. Considerate, kind, polite
d. Serious, avoids being impulsive or flashy
Question 6
a. Friendly, outgoing, talkative
b. Efficient and effective with my time and effort
c. Relaxed, hard to provoke or annoy
d. Precise, thorough, has very high standards
Question 7
a. Not confident in social situations
b. Can be quick-tempered
c. Struggles to make decisions quickly
d. Can dominate conversations
Question 8
a. Unafraid to disagree with others, bossy
b. Uncomfortable with solitude, afraid of missing out
c. Rarely sets goals for myself, unclear on purpose or direction
d. Sometimes feels isolated, too introspective
Question 9
a. Can be overbearing, prefers to be in control
b. Unsure of myself, reluctant to jump into conversations or activites
c. Seeks diversions from tasks, can waste time or daydream
d. Prone to feeling sad or gloomy, gets hung up on bad news
Question 10
a. Persuades others to do things my way, thinks the end justifies the means
b. Often exaggerates stories, compulsive talker
c. Uses sarcasm or the silent treatment when upset
d. Struggles to express enthusiasm
Question 11
a. No sense of urgency, resents being pushed
b. Skeptical, see obstacles, thinks about the worst-case scenario
c. Fickle, forgetful, makes excuses, repeats stories
d. Reluctant to admit mistakes or say I'm sorry, rarely compliments others
Question 12
a. Struggles with follow-through, especially when things stop being fun
b. Slow to get moving, a procrastinator
c. Dislikes tears and emotions in others, can be unsympathetic
d. Hard to please, can be critical

Choose the ONE statement that best represents you.

Question 13
a. I like to talk through my decisions out loud with others
b. I am decisive and my decisions are usually right
c. I want all the information before I make a decision
d. I sometimes just want someone else to make the decision for me
Question 14
a. I like knowing a little about a lot of things and a lot about the things that really interest me
b. I like to stick to the schedule
c. I like accomplishing things and feeling productive
d. I like coming up with creative ideas people will enjoy
Question 15
a. I tend to notice imperfections and mistakes
b. I tend to forget or disregard things I'm not interested in
c. I tend to not even think of bad or sad things
d. I tend to not show my emotions
Question 16
a. I frequently tell stories about my personal experiences
b. I consider every thought and detail before communicating
c. I cut to the chase in conversations; I don't need every last detail
d. I hesitate to speak up and advocate for myself when I disagree with the group
Question 17
a. I want the freedom to do projects in my own time frame
b. I want time to process my thoughts and answer so I know they're correct
c. I want to know why behind a project so I know it's worth my time
d. I want variety and spontaneity with projects
Question 18
a. I'm good at delegating to others
b. I'm good at teaching others
c. I'm good at inspiring others
d. I'm good at caring for others
Question 19
a. I get stressed when I feel like I'm not liked
b. I get stressed when I feel like I'm not understood
c. I get stressed when I feel like I'm not in control
d. I get stressed when I feel like I'm being pulled into conflict

Choose the ONE phrase you are most likely to say in your head or out loud.

Question 20
a. Who else is going to be there?
b. What will we be doing?
c. Do I have to go?
d. You go. I have better things to do.
Question 21
a. Are you sure that's safe?
b. Hurry up! We're late.
c. That sounds like fun!
d. I'm good with whatever.
Question 22
a. It's done. I took care of it.
b. I'll do it, if someone will do it with me.
c. I've been giving it some thought.
d. No worries, it will all work out.
Question 23
a. No, thanks. I'll just watch.
b. I didn't mean it that way.
c. I'd be happy to help!
d. I'm not sure I trust them.
Question 24
a. I totally forgot about that. I'm sorry.
b. I don't really care. You decide.
c. That won't work. I've already planned to...
d. Just give me the bottom line.

Choose the ONE word/phrase of the four options that best describes you. If you get stuck, just pick the best option available.

Question 25
a. Easygoing
b. Ambitious
c. Energetic
d. Analytical
Question 26
a. Enthusiastic
b. Fearless
c. Agreeable
d. Empathetic
Question 27
a. Cautious
b. Capable
c. Calm
d. Charming
Question 28
a. Positive
b. Organized
c. assertive
d. Content
Question 29
a. Resourceful
b. Considerate
c. Lighthearted
d. Reserved
Question 30
a. Productive
b. Patient
c. Detail-oriented
d. People-oriented
Question 31
a. Pessimistic
b. Bossy
c. Indifferent
d. Distractible
Question 32
a. Demanding
b. Detached
c. Naive
d. Moody
Question 33
a. Self-centered
b. Sluggish
c. Scatterbrained
d. Suspicious
Question 34
a. Undisciplined
b. Unmotivated
c. Unsympathetic
d. Unforgiving
Question 35
a. Indecisive
b. Dramatic
c. Impatient
d. Insecure
Question 36
a. Blunt
b. Judgmental
c. Apathetic
d. Restless
Question 37
a. Driven
b. Imaginative
c. Compassionate
d. Even-keeled
Question 38
a. Well-balanced
b. Enjoys working hard
c. Musical or artistic
d. Turns crisis into comedy
Question 39
a. Methodical
b. Loud laugh
c. Quiet but witty
d. Brave
Question 40
a. Patient leader
b. Curious
c. Delegates well
d. Deep and thoughtful