West Church is exploring real ways to bring happiness to our lives during uncertain times.

Tune in LIVE Online HERE at 10 AM on Sundays.

Download the West Church “Project Happiness” Playlist. Each week a new playlist will be released with the coming Sunday message theme.

Take the CHALLENGE! Every Sunday you will be challenged with a new action to bring into your daily routine to boost your happiness! 

Week 1 |  Minds Lie & Circumstances Don’t Matter (click here to watch the message)

Join the West staff in taking the listen to music for 20 minutes a day CHALLENGE! Let’s bee-bop our way to becoming happier people! Check out the video below. We’d love to know you are joining us. Post a picture or video on your social and tag us @WestChurchLKN use the #WestChurchProjectHappiness!


Week 2 | Being present in the moment/wealthy in time not money (click here to watch the message)

Watch the video of the West staff participating in the Meditation Challenge!

Enjoy this guided meditation by Jena Gallagher, Community Yoga Leader! 

Week 3 | Make Time for Gratitude Every Day! (click here to watch the message)

  • Download the “gratitude” playlist 

  • CHALLENGE: Keep a gratitude journal by writing down 5 things you are grateful for each day!

  • Download, fill-out, and share the gratitude list below on your social media stories. 

Watch the video of the West staff participating in the Gratitude Challenge!


Week 4 | Healthy practices matter man that we expect (click here to watch the message)

  • Putting each week’s challenges together can help us have routine healthy practices in our daily lives. 

  • Weekly CHALLENGE: Move your body for 12-20 minutes a day!

Check out the video below of the West Staff taking the “Move Your Body” CHALLENGE!



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