In this week’s message, Andrea speaks on the benefits of being present in the moment, being still, and not being so preoccupied with “getting”. Check out the resources below to help get started on your mindfulness journey!

Watch the video of the West staff participating in the Meditation Challenge!

Challenge – Calm

Enjoy this guided meditation by Jena Gallagher, Community Yoga Leader!


TalkBack with Andrea & Special Guests

For 15-20 minutes after online worship, everyone will have the opportunity to express thoughts, questions, and/or concerns about the subject matter of the morning. This will provide you with an opportunity to connect and gain a deeper understanding of the topics of the day. Just enter your question into the chatroom or text to 704-343-8955. Questions read during each episode will be anonymous.

Question 1:
How do you find peace in the present moment when everything around you seems to be going wrong?
Question 2 @ 3:25:
How do you help someone in your life do the same?
Question 3 @ 4:45:
Can you recommend a meditation App?
Question 4 @ 6:36:
How often should you meditate?