West Church is exploring real ways to bring happiness to our lives during uncertain times.

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Take the CHALLENGE! Every Sunday you will be challenged with a new action to bring into your daily routine to boost your happiness!

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TalkBack with Andrea & Special Guests

For 15-20 minutes after online worship, everyone will have the opportunity to express thoughts, questions, and/or concerns about the subject matter of the morning. This will provide you with an opportunity to connect and gain a deeper understanding of the topics of the day. Just enter your question into the chatroom or text to 704-343-8955. Questions read during each episode will be anonymous. https://youtu.be/qdW6Tdnq_w8

Question 1:
I’m an overthinker. What are some of the ways you can break yourself out of the cycle of thinking the worst in EVERY scenario?
Question 2 @ 9:06:
Do you have any suggestions for finding the “right way” to focus on things when life gets tough?
Question 3 @ 11:48:
Are there things like retail therapy and travel that can be good distractions to put you into happiness or does that postpone dealing with the emotions?
Question 4 @ 15:30:
From Paul’s “thorn” example can you comment on suffering, not necessarily happy suffering, and how that brings us to the sole reliance on the Lord for God’s strength and God’s definition of happiness.
Question 5 @ 20:20:
Seems the political situation and election are multiplying the anxieties of the pandemic for me. How do we separate it out?