Strengths and Weaknesses

That adage, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Well, that isn’t true. Words can hurt. Mainly because “they stick.” I’m sure if we are all honest with ourselves, we wrestle deep within because of words that were said to us along the way.
Because of our temperaments, we communicate in a particular manner.
We use words that are bent to one of those four “types” outlined yesterday.
 The thing we must consider, however, is that is it not all about us.
If we are going to be a people of Love, we must consider the person on the receiving end of our words. What is it that they need?
Many times our words fall into one of three categories:
1.  We say the wrong things.
2.  We say the right things in the wrong way.
3.  We say nothing at all.
When the Apostle Paul wrote the church in Ephesus, he said “Don’t let any unhelpful talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs.”
In order to work on building one another up, let’s first learn the strengths and weaknesses of the four temperaments.
As you read them, try to be open-minded. We love reading the “good” about the way that we are wired. But – the not so good – not so much. We tend to balk and say, “There’s no way that is me.” Truth is – we all have weaknesses and things we need to be more aware of so that we can change.
Yellow – Sanguines (People-oriented)
Magnetic, Inspiring, encouraging. Great storytellers who bring joy, laughter, and optimism to all that they do.
Can elaborate, exaggerate, speak too loudly, and interrupt others.
Have a tendency to be forgetful and naïve.

Red – Cholerics (Task-oriented)
Responsible, decisive, and good at delegating. Dynamic leaders who excel at managing tasks and projects.
Can argue, dominate, and use a harsh tone. Have a tendency to be bossy, impatient, and intolerant.

Green – Phlegmatics (People-oriented)
Easygoing, steady, calm, and patient. Loyal friends and good listeners who excel at leading people.
Can respond to stress by being slow and stubborn. Have a tendency to avoid conflict, disengage, or be too compromising.

Blue – Melancholics (Task-oriented)
Both analytical and creative. Perfectionists who are detailed, orderly, compassionate, and often artistic in some form.
Can remember the negatives, fear failure, and have low self-esteem. Have a tendency to be judgmental and critical.

If you enjoyed this Musing Meditation and want to learn more about the temperaments and how to improve your relationships, check out the additional resources below. We hope they help you grow deeper spiritually! 






Our mouths get us into trouble. We can be in the best place in our relationships and BAM! We say the wrong things or what we said is misconstrued.

Our mouths make messes but they don’t have to.

In this message series we will explore our temperaments, what our strengths and growth areas are, and how we can all learn to communicate better so that our relationships are as great as they can be!




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