But when we rely on the power of God within us, we can accomplish everything.

If you go to the book of Judges in Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and read the story of Gideon, you will see that he used the word “I” a lot.

Gideon was a farmer by trade. He was working threshing wheat in the wine cellar because he was afraid to do it out in the open. He was afraid the Midianite army, that was far more powerful than he and his fellow people, would come and steal his crops. So he hid to do his job.

While hiding he encountered a messenger from God who told him he needed to be the one to lead the people to victory over their oppressors.

In Gideon’s rebuttal, which went back and forth many times, he used the word “I” a lot.

Yet, finally he “got it!”

He understood that it wasn’t going to be because of his power/intellect/might that he would win the battle. It would actually be because he realized and claimed the power of God that was in him. That power would give him what he needed to claim victory!

What is the “enemy” you are facing in your life right now?

Fear over this continuing pandemic?

Fear over finances?

Anxiety about health issues?

Uncertainty about your future in your job/profession?

Disillusionment with a relationship and are ready to give up?

Sadness because of the loss of something meaningful to you?

Loneliness? Depression?

There are so many “enemies” we could list!

Enemies that prohibit our living our best life and being people of happiness, success, and love.

If we try to conquer our enemies by only using “our own” power, we will fail.

Gideon finally understood that it would be God’s power that would enable him to succeed.

We each have that power within us.

A power to have courage even in the face of fear or defeat.

A power to love even in the face of hate.

A power to combat loneliness with a sense of being loved with a divine love.

A power to confront dysfunctional things and navigate them peacefully and beautifully.

A power to overcome sadness with seeing with gratitude and beauty.

If you weren’t able to watch Sunday’s message about trust, faith, and the power within us, click here!

Claim the power God gives you in your life to confront all things not of God.

That is the power that ultimately brings victory.