What battles do we face every day as human beings? How do we go into those battles? Today’s message focuses on Gideon, a character in the Bible who went into (literal) battle and although he had to bend, he never broke…
What can happen when we go where we’re called to go?

TalkBack with Andrea & Special Guests

For 15-20 minutes after online worship, everyone will have the opportunity to express thoughts, questions, and/or concerns about the subject matter of the morning. This will provide you with an opportunity to connect and gain a deeper understanding of the topics of the day. Just enter your question into the LIVE online chatroom, on Sundays during the message, or text to 704-343-8955. Questions read during each episode will be anonymous.

During this episode of “TalkBack” Dr. Andrea Smith, Pastor at West Church and Rev. Christi Dillon, West Church Pastoral Care Catalyst answer your questions about trust. Check out the questions submitted by the Faith Community and the video discussion below. 

Question 1:
My question is What are some ways that we can get through a season of doubt and come out stronger?
Question 2 @ 4:00:
How do you differentiate between God’s nudges and people’s agendas?
Question 3 @ 8:30:
What are some ways you can discipline yourself to tune into God’s voice?