What are some things you’d like or need to cancel out of your life? We live in a time where “Cancel culture” is a real thing. We cancel things that are hurtful to humanity! But what if we need to cancel our own “stuff?”

Shame. Guilt. Fear. Insecurities. Anger. And so much more. In this series we will discuss how we can cancel the things in our lives that rob us of our joy.

Greed: The Art of Letting Go

Greed: The Art of Letting Go Did you know that there are more Self Storage Facilities (businesses, not only individual units) than there are McDonald's in the United States? The Self Storage industry also brings in $20 Billion MORE per year than McDonald's...that's wild! In this message, Lexi Hernandez encourages us to look at greed through the lens of letting go. In what ways can we show greed that are outside of money and possessions? Have you ever considered that we may be greedy about our time, our expectations of ourselves/others, within our relationships, etc.? It's not an easy pill to swallow, but is well worth the evaluation! Explore this concept with us in this message. 

Selfless Love

Selfless Love | Loving the People How many of the 10 commandments do you know off the top of your head? Have you ever lived in fear of breaking those commandments, thinking God was out to get you if you had? Join us this week, for a special Mother's Day Sermon about selfless love. Jesus always aired on the side of "loving the people". When we go into the world and be "love" to and for others, we not only change ourselves, but we have the opportunity to bring about change in the world.

Judging is All About the Comma

“Just not, least you be judged” is a scripture verse we often hear. Believe it or not, the meaning all comes down to a comma in how we understand that verse and what it was probably intended to mean to be when Jesus said it.


Sometimes we do things in life that cause negative outcomes. Things fall apart, despite our best efforts. Then . . . we beat ourselves up about them over and over again. Long after the event is over. We carry around guilt. Guilt is a dangerous thing. It causes us to experience anxiety, stress, sadness, feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, regret, loneliness, or critical self-talk. In this message we talk about guilt. And also learn how to be free from it!

Hurry Sickness

Did you know that Jesus was never in a hurry? We are progressively getting more and more busy and living in a complete hurry. The concept of living life is a hurry is so harmful to us. Learn how to slow down to live life like Jesus and be more close to Jesus.

Canceling Out Shame

Join us as we explore HOW we can make the crucifixion and resurrection worth it in our lives each and every day!  This message talks about shame and how we can now cancel that out because of what we live and believe.